I posted this quote on my Instagram page:

There was a great discussion in the comments and also in my stories about how to form habits and how long that process takes. Many of you said that while you feel like you have made exercise a habit, finding the same success with your diet is much harder.


I hear you! I've found that exercise habits are often quicker to master than eating habits – but it does happen over time!

So what do you do if you aren't feeling any motivation right now? Remember motivation that leads to habits creates awesome long-term results, but it does often start with sparking that motivation. So what if you just aren't feeling it right now? Here's 5 ways to spark some life into your goals that have eluded you:

1) Know your WHY. There is a reason you want to change your body or your eating habits. Get really crystal clear on what that is. Why are you doing this? If your why is important enough you will find a way to accomplish it.

2) Try something new. Attend a new group fitness class. Search for new recipes on Pinterest. Implement a new morning routine. Switching things up you can breath new life into your health and fitness routine and resurrect those feeling of novelty that you experienced at the beginning of your journey.

3) Create a vision board  Create a board with inspirational sayings, pump-you-up words, and photos that depict what you are working towards. If you don't want to create an entire board change your phone lockscreen to display your goal or a motivational saying. Keeping your goal front and center helps to re-invigorate you when things get hard.

4) Be grateful. Don't compare yourself to others. I know, I KNOW this is hard. Especially in this age of social media. Go through your social media accounts right now and unfollow or unfriend anyone who causes you to slip into the comparison game. Be grateful for your body, your family, your friends, and any progress you have already made.

5) Reward yourself. Set small milestone along the way and plan a reward when you hit those milestones. Lose 5 lbs? Get a pedicure. String a week of consecutive tracking together? Time for a new sports bra. Setting small goals with rewards can help the process to feel like several sprints rather than a marathon.

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