My name is Amber and I am a podcast junkie.

It's true. Me + my trusty AirPods + a good podcast =  happiness.

I like a lot of different programs but I have compiled my all-time favorites in case you are looking for something new to play in your earbuds during your next workout (is it weird that I listen to podcasts while working out?).


The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher feels like having lunch with a girlfriend. Except this girlfriend is a genius girl boss and gives you all sorts of advice that you don't hear from anyone else. This is a podcast I never miss and I have Jenna to thank for so many ah-ha business moments.



I didn't know I was interested in Richard Simmons until listening to this podcast! This is a binge-worthy series devoted to exploring the sudden disappearance of Richard Simmons from the public eye. Be prepared for more than a few surprises while listening.




If you are one of 10 people who haven't heard of the podcast Serial you need to go right now and listen to every episode of Season 1. Seriously. Right now. Go.





I listened to every episode of Dirty John over a single weekend (it's amazing how much cleaning gets done when you have a podcast in your ears!). It's the real-life story of a woman and her relationship with a fraud-master named John. The story drew me in and definitely made me feel lucky I am happily married to a man who I can trust.




I only recently found Online Marketing Made Easy but I have been going through the archives and listening to every single one. Amy Porterfield is a master marketer and if you have any kind of business her weekly episodes are a can't miss.




That's it – those are my top 5 favorite podcasts. And as of October 2018 I created my OWN podcast called Biceps After Babies Radio – check it out here.

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