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Success Stories

The women on this page may sound a little like you. And that’s because they are all real-life women who decided that they wanted to create a transformation in their life and knew that they needed help doing it. None of them are fitness competitors and many of them have jobs and families and even some health concerns, but you’ll notice reading their stories is they were able to make a change, which means so can you. As you read their stories you may feel inspired to follow in their footsteps and create a new future for yourself; and when that happens, we are here for you!

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During the program I dropped 17 inches overall and gained back control over food,

When I joined MACROS 101 I was brand new to macro counting. During the program I dropped 17 inches overall and gained back control over food, and I did it all while having a full-time job, a husband, and four children ages 11 through 20. MACROS 101 taught me how to reach my goals and enjoy eating at the same time which has really been my search all along. -Dana Welfare

The freedom I got from M101 was totally worth the investment!

“I’ve been one of those people who’s tried every new diet, only to lose a few and gain back that & more. I haven’t been able to find something I could stick to as a lifestyle and see the results I was looking for. MACROS 101 has opened a door for me into learning how I can reach my goals and maintain them. I feel the freedom that I’ll never need to look for another ‘diet’ again. MACROS 101 is totally worth the investment because I’ve ended the year in a better place than I started.” -Carri Lakes

Thank you to Amber and her team for giving me back my health.

“I signed up for MACROS 101 and as an introvert I didn’t interact or participate much in the group, but I watched the videos, calculated my macros, and listened as others received coaching. I lost 13 pounds in 3 months (about a pound a week) and it’s been surprisingly easy! I never felt deprived and I feel amazing. My blood pressure has returned to normal and this morning I got the results of my latest blood test and my liver enzymes are back in normal range, which is huge! Thank you to Amber and her team for giving me back my health.” – Belinda Stow

Amber made it easy and fun!

“My name is Diane and I’m 61 years young. I have always been thin, but with menopause and all the hormonal changes I have gained 12 pounds. With this gain has come sadness and feeling defeated because my clothes do not fit. I feel like I am wearing a layer of fat all over my body…”

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Her coaching began to take root and areas of my life opened up in new ways.

“I started M101 because I liked the way Amber coached and how she brought the focus away from the physical aspect of appearance and weight loss and instead to the internal focus on the individual. I found so many parallels to all aspects of life and began to experience new mindset shifts in positive directions that I had explored for years…”

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Confidence In Your Numbers

It’s super empowering to be the one in control!

“Confidence In Your Numbers gave me the tools I needed, and direction, to identify where I was at and set a course of action to move forward. What I learned in the program meant I could assess, try, then adjust my macros if/as I wanted or needed. It’s super empowering to be the one in control!” – Sabra G

I can get results without feeling deprived of my favorite foods.

“My biggest takeaways from Confidence In Your Numbers is I can get results and live the life I want without feeling deprived of my favorite foods. I learned how to tweak my macros, I always thought you were stuck with the same macros forever. I also liked the “non-negotiables”, no other program gives you that choice. I would definitely recommend Confidence In Your Numbers to a friend, to everybody.” – Margarita C.

I learned to use data as a tool

“Confidence In Your Numbers gave me the jump start into starting my macros journey and a solid foundation to have the confidence to just START! I realized from the program the key for me was to start and gather meaningful data and then use the data as a tool to choose the next best step. Fewer calories does NOT necessarily equal a ‘better’ outcome. This was a real a-ha moment for me.” – Karen D

I cannot shout this loudly - and joyfully - enough: Take Confidence in Your Numbers.

“I cannot shout this loudly – and joyfully – enough: Take Confidence in Your Numbers. Confidence in Your Numbers will be a valuable tool on your journey as a Macro Scientist. Amber’s teaching methodology makes the process of setting and adjusting macros easy. …”

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I did literally gain confidence in my numbers.

“I had been counting Macros that I calculated on my own for several months before using Confidence In Your Numbers. I did literally gain confidence in my numbers though. I learned how to adjust for various stages in my journey. …”

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Build Your Workouts

I confidently walk into the gym with an action plan to get the results I want.

“I had so much information in my head about weightlifting but didn’t know how to put it together to form a plan – a plan that would bring about results. But, Amber’s class gave me that! It took all the information I had, verified it and organized it in such a way that I could confidently walk into the gym, each time, with an action plan to get the results I wanted.” – Emily Taylor

I feel like BYW has given me the confidence I needed to know how to lift and how to build muscle.

“I feel like BYW has given me the confidence I needed to know how to lift and how to build muscle. I created a workout that works for me and my lifestyle and that’s exactly what I wanted. I’m finishing my first 6-week custom block today and couldn’t be happier. I feel like I’m progressing and even got a bar a few weeks ago so I can do more than just dumbbells.” – Lindsay Hepworth

I love not having to have a monthly gym membership in order to reach my goals.

“I love Build Your Workouts so much! I feel so capable of creating my own lifting blocks and executing progressive overload. Before BYW, I was doing another program but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I wanted more muscle definition and strength. The previous program did lots of different workouts and was fun and interesting …”

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BYW taught me about progressive overload and how to make that the center of my programming.

“I loved the Build Your Own Workout program! I’ve lifted weights for years and spent lots of money on personal trainers. They would give me a list of exercises to do every day, and I would follow their program, trusting they knew something I didn’t know…”

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1-1 Coaching

I felt like that was so helpful for me to not only be accountable to myself but to her as well!

“I loved being able to have the 1:1 Coaching option because it was so nice having a coach in my back pocket at any time. My Coach was always there to help me ask the questions I needed to ask myself in order to get either the outcome I wanted or the lesson I needed. I loved being accountable to her every week.” – Shalese C.

I was one of those people who thought they had to eat 1200 calories to lose weight

I was one of those people who thought they had to eat 1200 calories to lose weight, but it never really worked for me. Having my macros set for me and having the calories up by just 200 more, made all of the difference. I was able to learn it’s ok to not be perfect, just be consistent. It helped seeing other’s successes and struggles and the strategies to help through the hurdles. It was so nice to have support and to shine a light on some of my beliefs and unproductive thoughts that were getting in my way of success. – Kate U

I put priority into making time for the things that were important to me.

“I struggle with anxiety and I have my whole life. The very first Coaching Call, I signed up to be on the hot seat. The closer and closer it got to my turn I started to let my nerves get to me and eventually signed off the call because I was so anxious about asking my question in front of all those people…”

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The 1:1 guidance was exactly what I needed! I loved everything about this program.

“Before starting 1:1 Coaching, I was not in a great place. I was fixated on perfection and all-or-nothing. “Nothing” had been driving the bus for the most part of the last few years, resulting in a 20 lb weight gain…”

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Custom Macros

Let a Certified Biceps After Babies Coach customize your macros to YOU so you can stop wasting time second guessing the process and start your transformation with a customized plan.

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Confidence in Your Numbers

Are you tired of paying overpriced “coaches” to set your macros and make expensive adjustments to them every month? You can learn to do it for yourself! Walk away from this recorded workshop knowing EXACTLY how to set and adjust your own macros, so you can stop wasting time and money and start transforming your body.

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One To One Coaching

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Build Your Workouts

If you want a toned body, but have no idea where to start, this program is for you! Whether you want to add muscle or lose fat (or both!), making sure your workouts align with those goals is crucial! That’s exactly why I created Build Your Workouts – so you can optimize muscle growth by creating a training plan customized to your body and your goals.

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6-Week Training (upper and lower split)

Combination of Upper Body Weight Training, Lower Body Weight Training, Full Body Weight Training, HITT, and LISS

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6-Week Training (Push/Pull/Lower Split)

Combination of Push Weight Training, Pull Weight Training, Lower Body Weight Training, HITT, and LISS

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