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Amber Brueseke, Creator of MACROS 101
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Our goal is to help you reach yours – and we have a variety of ways to support you in your transformation. Check our our programs below.


We all know that healthy eating is a vital ingredient for transforming your body but have you noticed that “healthy eating” means something different to everyone? What if instead of labeling broccoli “good” and ice cream “bad” you were able to create a meal plan that moved you towards your goals AND included the food you love? That’s what we help you do in our nutrition programs!

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Building strength should be apart of every woman’s health and fitness plan because in addition to giving you the “toned” look most want, there is also nothing more empowering than feeling strong. Regardless of your age, or how much or little you know about strength training, our programs can help you build muscle whether you want to deadlift 300 pounds or simply be able to carry boxes down the stairs without getting winded.

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Building her online business has been one of the most liberating and exciting adventures Amber has ever embarked on. As a leader in the fitness coaching space, Amber loves to support and coach other women in starting and/or scaling their online businesses so they can have the freedom and income they desire. If you want to be the first to know as we create new content and programs put yourself on the interest list here.

In the meantime, check out the Biceps After Babies Radio Podcast episodes related to business here.

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Success Stories

Build Your Workout

“I had so much information in my head about weightlifting but didn’t know how to put it together to form a plan – a plan that would bring about results. But, Amber’s class gave me that! It took all the information I had, verified it and organized it in such a way that I could confidently walk into the gym, each time, with an action plan to get the results I wanted.” – Emily Taylor

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Confidence In Your Numbers

“I cannot shout this loudly – and joyfully – enough: Take Confidence in Your Numbers. Confidence in Your Numbers will be a valuable tool on your journey as a Macro Scientist. Amber’s teaching methodology makes the process of setting and adjusting macros easy. She chunks information, provides a clear cut process, and even addresses individual considerations when setting macros (for me, tips on considerations for PCOS were helpful). I am down 8 lbs – more than halfway to my goal. Thank you, Amber + Biceps After Babies team!” -Jennifer B

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Macros 101

I’ve been one of those people who’s tried every new diet, only to lose a few and gain back that & more. I haven’t been able to find something I could stick to as a lifestyle and see the results I was looking for. MACROS 101 has opened a door for me into learning how I can reach my goals and maintain them. I feel the freedom that I’ll never need to look for another ‘diet’ again. MACROS 101 is totally worth the investment because I’ve ended the year in a better place than I started. -Carri Lakes

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Get to Know Our Signature Program

Lose the weight you want WITHOUT cutting out the food you love… In only 20 minutes a day. Learn how to ditch the “dieter” guilt and shame. Discover how to look and feel amazing in your body. And, get life-changing results from the plan you’ll create that’s 100% customized to YOU.

Success Stories

“Thank you! I literally can’t say it enough. I am 5 weeks into my second cut and coaching myself along, setting goals and using all the mindset techniques you taught me in MACROS 101. Also, metabolic adaptation is so real. I honestly can’t believe it, but I am cutting at 2000 calories and seeing results! I am shocked and so happy about it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Dana Crossley

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“When I joined MACROS 101 I learned that my metabolism was not broken, it had simply adapted to the calories I was feeding it. With help from Amber and the coaches I learned about a reverse. It has been so freeing to be able to eat more and enjoy food without the scale moving up.

I have learned from MACROS 101 to be patient and that I am not broken. With the proper nutrition and time I will get to my goal. This is a program I can live with forever. -Diane Judkins

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MACROS 101 was so much more than I had hoped for. Honestly, I always knew that I could lose the weight, I just had to get around to actually doing it – don’t we all! MACROS 101 and Amber’s coaching gave me the tools I needed to get started properly and everything I still need to continue my fitness and health journey.

I feel super confident about doing this on my own now that I have the tools I need to move forward. -Julia Richter

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Getting Started Bundle

When you are ready to dive into the exciting world of counting macros this is the bundle to download. Our guides will walk you step-by-step through getting started without confusion and overwhelm.

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Episode 2: How to Track Macros: 6 Simple Steps

Feeling overwhelmed about diving into the world of macro counting? In this episode I break it down into how to track macros in 6 simple steps that will take you from macro newbie to macro ninja.

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Episode 133: I Set My Macros...What's Next

If you’ve set your own macros or had someone set them for you, you might be like: Now what do I do? In this episode, I walk you through 8 steps to help you successfully use the tool of macro counting.

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