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Amber Brueseke, Creator of MACROS 101
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Who is Amber and Biceps after Babies?

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Hi, I'm Amber

I’m a Registered Nurse, Personal Trainer, Crossfit Level 1 Coach, the founder of MACROS 101 and the host of the Top 15 nutrition podcast: Biceps After Babies Radio. But most importantly, I’m a wife and a mom to my 4 kids.

I am a goal-setting girl boss who can’t imagine a world without chocolate and peanut butter (combined, preferably).

Most days you can find me trying to balance my life: cleaning up the kitchen too many times to count, making sure my kids eat a vegetable every now and then, and spending way too much time in my van shuttling everyone to school, gymnastics, and their friends’ houses. This is in addition to serving in my church, reading uplifting literature, and, of course, running Biceps After Babies ®.

It can be exhausting to keep all the balls in the air! But I know how important it is to recharge my own batteries. When I get my sweat on, throw some heavy weights around, and fuel my body with the right nutrition, I’m a better wife, mom, sister, and friend.

And maybe that’s why you are here too. Because you know that you can’t pour from an empty cup and you are ready to take care of this one body you’ve been given.

I work with women who need to jump start their fitness goals, from losing fat, gaining muscle, or simply developing a better relationship with food.

My clients will tell you that my superpower is coaching. I’ve heard over and over again, after hopping from program to program it wasn’t until they got real coaching (not just cheerleading or well-intended advice) that they were able to have the mental and physical breakthroughs they desired.

That’s because unlike most fitness coaches who just tell you what to do, and then make you feel like YOU are the problem when you don’t always execute, my coaching helps you actually breakthrough self-sabotage – you know, when you UNDERSTAND what to do, but then for some reason you don’t do it. We’ve all been there.

And until you have a coach who is trained to help you break through self-sabotage it doesn’t matter how kick butt your fitness plan is, if you can’t stick with it, nothing will ever change.

That’s why here at Team Biceps After Babies we coach differently. And when you combine that powerful coaching with your desire for change, magic happens.

It means you’re going to be able to finally snap that “after” picture you’ve always wanted with confidence that it will be your new normal.

It means food will no longer have control over you and you’ll be able to eat just one cookie without blinking and it becoming ten.

It means you’ll walk in a room, look around, and finally feel confident being you.

Sounds like a piece of fiction? It’s not. Let’s get to work.

Connect With Me

Things you might not know about Amber

I’ve never once hit the snooze button. No really, not ever. I figure I would rather set my alarm for as late as possible so I can eek out those last precious minutes actually sleeping.

While TV isn’t my favorite pastime, I have seen every single episode of The West Wing three times. #SeabornLyman2024

To finish nursing school, I spent a semester as a student nurse working the night shift on the Labor & Delivery floor. I would get off at 7 A.M., sleep on the floor of my classmate’s unheated cabin for four hours, and then attend classes during the day before driving an hour back to my house. Did I mention this was in Pennsylvania? In the winter? And I was pregnant? Yep.

My favorite sweets combo will forever and always be chocolate and peanut butter, but when it comes to savory food, gimme anything with lime and cilantro.

I never learned cursive in school. Instead we learned Duvall cursive…which is not cursive and is never something I’ve thought, “Yes, I’m so glad I learned that.”

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