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Getting Started with Counting Macros

Totally new to macro counting? This 5-page guide will get your started with your first, necessary steps as well as some insider tips and tricks to set you up for success. Listen to podcast episode 2 for more information.

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Counting Macros Starter Kit

Ready to dive in? This start kit includes 4, loaded steps to get you started counting your macros so you can hit your goals! This kit is packed with content including how to include workouts with your macro counting and a macro grocery list.

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How to Set/Calculate Your Macros

One of our most popular guides, this guide will take you through all the calculations needed to calculate your own macros as well as information you will need to make them custom to you and your life and your goals.

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Macro-Friendly "Cheat" Sheet/Grocery List

Wish you knew what to buy that was “macro-friendly”. No worries! Our “cheatsheet”/grocery list runs through some of the staples you may find in most macro-counter cupboards.

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Alcohol Tracking Guide

Alcohol, the 4th macronutrient is not often addressed – but that doesn't mean it “doesn't count” or that it is straight forward to track. Our guide will help you navigate the best way (for you!) to track alcohol in your fitness journey

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Reverse Diet Flowchart

Reversing is a pretty crazy concept that can be hard to wrap your head around! So, we took the basic question – “When do I need to reverse” and put it in visual form to help you answer the question for you journey and your goals. Listen to podcast episode number 9 for even more information

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Low-Volume Foods Guide

Ready to bulk? This guide will be your BEST friend as you traverse the bulking waters and build that muscle! My low-volume foods guide provides you with a quick reference of foods that are more dense in calories so that you don't feel like you are constantly stuffing your face to hit your goals. Check out episode 94 for my story on bulking if you're curious and want to learn more.

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Pull-Up Guide

Ready to conquer the ever-elusive and maybe even intimidating pull-up? We've got you covered with our 6-weeks to your first pull-up guide! Even if you're starting from ground zero, this is the perfect place to start.

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Push-Up Guide

Did you know there is a correct way to do push-ups that doesn't strain your shoulders? Our push-up guide goes thru the do's and don'ts of the correct push-up to help keep your body safe.

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Free At-Home Workout

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No Gym? Tired of the same workouts? Mix it up with our At-Home Workout that allows you to create new workouts for every day of the week! All that is required is a deck of cards and some weights if you want to amp it up.

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How to Lift Videos

Ready to start lifting heavier weights….but nervous you're not doing it right? Amber's How-to videos cover the most common moves and how to execute them correctly so that you can stay safe and get strong.

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Getting Started with Affirmations Guide

Affirmations are a GREAT way to change your mindset and create more conscious intention which then leads to better goals being set and met. Our guide will teach what an affirmation is, how to use them and some examples on how to get started. Listen to podcast episode 4 for more information

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Goal Planning Guide

Goals. They get you places. Wondering how to get better at setting goals? Our Goal-Setting Planner and Guide will help you understand the power of setting better goals. Check out podcast episode 92 for more information and help.

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What to Tell Yourself When You Get Discouraged

We all get discouraged! Check out my guide on questions you can ask yourself to get out of your rut and back on track. Also, check out episode 105 to have me walk you thru it.

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