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How to Set Macros, a podcast episode featured by top US macro coach, Amber of Biceps After Babies.

011: Macros Aren’t Magic – How to Set Macros

Read Show Notes Read Transcript SHOW NOTES One question I get asked time and time again is "how does counting macros work" and "how do I set my macros." Today on the podcast I answer both of those questions. Here's the truth: every online formula, every coach, every calculator is an ESTIMATE AT BEST and...
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007: How To Eat Out While Counting Macros With Heidi Bollard and Natalie DuLaney

Natalie DuLaney and Heidi Bollard from @butteryourmacros know a thing or two about balancing eating at restaurants while hitting their fitness goals. Hear them share their 5 best tips for eating out without breaking your macro bank: Plan ahead and research the restaurant before you go. Read and scan the menu carefully and look for…
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