Natalie DuLaney and Heidi Bollard from @butteryourmacros know a thing or two about balancing eating at restaurants while hitting their fitness goals. Hear them share their 5 best tips for eating out without breaking your macro bank:

  1. Plan ahead and research the restaurant before you go.
  2. Read and scan the menu carefully and look for key words like raw, grilled, steamed, baked to direct you to macro-friendly options.
  3. Eat half, and pack the other half so you can weigh it at home.
  4. Pick a decisive amount to eat rather than eating mindlessly.
  5. Eat slowly and take time to enjoy it.

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One thought on “007: How To Eat Out While Counting Macros With Heidi Bollard and Natalie DuLaney

  • KariNovember 25, 2018 at 11:15 PM

    I absolutely loves this podcast! All of them to date have really resonated with me but this one hit home hard. Thank you for creating something grand for the mommas our there!


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