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Podcasts that relate to moms and how they learn more about health and fitness as it relates to them with pregnancy, nursing, and kids.

How to Get A Six Pack featured by top US macro coach Amber of Biceps After Babies.

062: How to Get A Six Pack (and how you can too!)

Read Show Notes Read Transcript SHOW NOTES Has getting a six pack ever been on your list of goals? This week we are going to talk a little bit about abs and six packs and lean bodies and why that's such a big goal for so many of you and how I did it and...
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Supplements FAQ podcast episode featured by top macro coach, Amber of Biceps After Babies

061: Ask Amber Anything…About Supplements Part 2

Read Show Notes Read Transcript SHOW NOTES As a follow-up from last week’s Episode 60, in this segment of "Ask Amber" I continue to answer all of your health and fitness supplement questions! This second part in the series addresses pre-workouts (what they are and their benefits), BCAAs (what they do and who should take...
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024: Why You are So Tired with Michelle Herzog

Read Show Notes Read Transcript SHOW NOTES Michelle Herzog, who is a nutritional therapist, joins Amber on the podcast today to share her holistic approach on healthcare. Michelle performs lifestyle interventions to help women transform their mind, healthy, and body, using a 5 pillar system that she has created. After listening to the episode you...
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021: How To Count Macros While Nursing

Read Show Notes Read Transcript SHOW NOTES Today Amber is speaking to all the new mamas out there who are trying to merge counting macros with breastfeeding. Often times, moms think they have to pick between either losing the baby weight OR feeding and nourishing their baby. However, after coaching hundred of breastfeeding women, Amber...
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