Amber no longer takes 1:1 private coaching clients. Instead she focuses all her coaching on MACROS 101 students. MACROS 101 is a step-by-step program to help you lose the weight you want without cutting out the food you love. Enrollment only happens a couple times a year. so if you are interested, join the waitlist so you are the first to know about the next open enrollment.

  • YES! Macro counting is science-based and allows you to see the scale drop AND enjoy your favorite desserts. In MACROS 101 Amber teaches how to set, hit and adjust your macros based off of your body’s feedback so you can get the results you want.
  • Listen to Becca or Katey’s success story even though each had over 50 pounds to lose.
  • Listen to Melissa success story even though she suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety and didn’t work out.
  • Listen to Cali’s success story even though she was a busy mom.
  • Listen to Episode 21 to learn how you can be successful while nursing.

Yes! Learn more about the basics of macros and how to set them HERE! But, in short, no matter your lifestyle, the food you eat is made up of macronutrients. You can set and track your macros to fit any food preferences or restrictions.

You can set your macros either through a coach (like Amber!) or on your own. If you want your numbers set by the Biceps After Babies Team, you can purchase our custom macros package here.

If you want to set your own macros on your own, Amber has created a free cheat sheet to help you do it as accurately as possible. You can download the guide here and we suggest listening to this podcast episode as well.

Listen to Macros Aren’t Magic to get insight on how to know if your macros are set correctly.

You can also download Amber’s Counting Macros Starter Kit and download her free guide to setting your own macros HERE.

Learn all about reverse dieting here – listen to the podcast and download the flowchart!

Learn about the 4 mistakes made during a reverse diet here.

Enjoy this case study of Shauna’s reverse diet.

For more answers to frequently asked questions, listen to Episode 20. Amber answers a lot of macro questions- like how to track macros on Fast Sundays to knowing when you should move from a cut to maintenance.