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Macro Friendly Breakfast Sandwich {Quick & Tasty}

Read Recipe Print Recipe This open-face breakfast sandwich is one of my go-to breakfasts. It's delicious, easy and keeps me happy for a few hours! It's a great pre-workout meal in the morning. The secret in this dish is the lite Laughing Cow Cheese and the Everything But the Bagel Seasoning (see note below).  The...
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{Protein Packed} Green Smoothie

Read Recipe Print Recipe Happy Thanksgiving! With all the treats, goodies, and heavy food that comes this time of year, I thought a bright, fresh smoothie would be a good thing to share! I hope you’ll enjoy this one. It’s light and fresh and full of protein!  When I first started counting macros, I had...
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Biceps After Babies Protein Pancakes

Read Recipe Print Recipe When I first started counting macros I realized very quickly I wasn't eating enough protein to hit my goals.  After tracking a while I noticed that my breakfast was really low in the protein department. So I made an effort to beef up the protein content in my breakfast. If I...
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