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097: Results Without Perfectionism with Kasey Kruer

Kasey Kruer will share about her physical and mental transformations, about macro counting that has strengthened the relationship with her kids.

095: Losing 30 Pounds Without Working Out with Andi Taylor

In the case of Andi, she was able to lose weight without working out and for her, that was really important.

Real Life Transformation with Megan Russell and Erin Djurkinjak featured on top US fitness podcast, Biceps After Babies.

070: Real Life Transformation with Megan Russell and Erin Djurkinjak

Both Megan and Erin speak of mental transformation that has occurred for them.

5 women who changed their family tree

069: 5 Women Who Changed Their Family Tree

Here are 5 women who have transformed more than their bodies — they have changed their family tree!

Episode 50

050: From Yo-Yo Dieting to Sustainable Weight Loss with Linda Burbidge

Linda is an incredibly intelligent woman and to hear her breakdown what it takes to have sustainable weight loss is very enlightening.  

Episode 49

049: Getting Out Of Victim Mentality In Your Fitness Journey with Jennifer Mondada

Jennifer shares how she limited her abilities because of her age (56), health (hypothyroid and knee surgeries, osteoporosis, etc.) and hysterectomy.

035: Losing 29 Pounds Without Feeling Restricted with Melissa Porter

Melissa was able to lose almost 30 pounds just by focusing on her nutrition.

026: What It’s Like To Lose 50 Pounds with Katey Chang

For Katey, the magic came when she shifted her focus from getting skinny to getting strong.

010: Eating Less Isn’t Always Better: A Reverse Dieting Case Study With Shauna Torenvliet

Shauna Torenvliet shares her experience and success going through her first reverse diet.

008: Why The Secret To Weight Loss Is Enjoying The Process with Cali Gibbs

Cali provides some tips and tricks on how to distribute your macros throughout the day and how to save some tasty choices for date nights, parties and family gatherings.