Episode 50

Amber interviews client, Linda Burbidge, about her experience with Macros 101 and her journey with yo-yo dieting that got her results that just weren’t sustainable. Linda shares her real secret to success which was adopting a positive mindset and treating herself like she would a best friend –  with the respect and encouragement and understanding. As a PhD holder – in Economics no less – Linda is an incredibly intelligent woman and to hear her breakdown what it takes to have sustainable weight loss is very enlightening.  


Highlights of the Podcast Episode: 

  • Living in north central North Dakota, protein rich and Macro friendly foods aren’t readily available, but she still makes it work by planning. (8:00)
  • Macros is very much like economics – how is this going to fit into your budget? (15:52)
  • Affirmations and Positive Self-talk are such powerful tools (20:50)
  • Quitting and Starting again will not get you there any faster (25:58)
  • Counting Macros does not mean you do sugar-free or low fat if it is important to you to have the “real food” (30:39)
  • Stop going into things thinking “I’m going to fail” (32:54)
  • You don’t have to sacrifice what you love to achieve your goals (37:36)

Takeaway of the Podcast Episode: 

No matter where you are, or where you have come from, you can always choose to start again today. And the best way to start again is to talk to yourself like you really value yourself – like you would talk to a best friend. The mind has great power and channeling positivity into that power is going to make a world of difference because you start to believe the things you are telling yourself.

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