Episode 49

Amber interviews client, Jennifer Mondada, about her experience with Macros 101 and how she overcame her victim mentality and became a do-er. Jennifer shares how she limited her abilities because of her age (56), health (hypothyroid and knee surgeries, osteoporosis, etc.) and hysterectomy. Her lesson and moral of the story – she is in control regardless of the facts. She has goals and she can crush them with consistency and determination. 

Highlights of this Podcast Episode: 

  • (08:26) Jennifer outlines all the reasons she thought she couldn’t lose weight or be strong anymore at this stage of life. 
  • (13:26) There are facts about your life that you can’t change, but you have control about how you view them and live your life. 
  • (18:04) Willppower is not enough to overcome and achevie. 
  • (22:08) Hard work will pay off but it may take longer than you want – you just need to keep going. 
  • (26:33) If you give up, that is the one way you assure you won’t get results.
  • (29:26) How do you keep going when you’re not motivated? 
  • (38:41) Current goals – strength focused rather than scale focused. 

Takeaway for this Podcast Episode: 

Every body and everybody is different. What isn’t different is the fact that dedication and consistency will yield results. Every time. They may not come as fast as you want, but they will come if you keep going.