Fitness journey of Sara Wells of Our Best Bites, feature don top US fitness podcast, Biceps After Babies.

Ever wonder what a food blogger’s fitness journey may look like? Let’s find out! I sit down and chat with Sara Wells, an OG food blogger and co-creator of Our Best Bites. Sara shares her journey of losing 50 pounds seven years ago, and how she has experienced ups and downs since. We often compare ourselves to others, but we also compare ourselves to our previous selves. Sara shares how she is able to enjoy the phase she is in while still improving and making changes to become a better version of herself. Join us as we dive into the ebbs and flows of life and how to find joy with where you are at!


Highlights of Sara Wells Interview: 

  • Sara shares her story of losing 50 pounds and how she received an outpouring of love and support from ladies like herself. (7:00)
  • Comparing yourself to a previous version of yourself is a disservice. (13:42)
  • Paying for a trainer, gym membership, etc. is investing in yourself and it makes everything else in your life better. (27:21)
  • Enjoying every season of life you are in and not waiting for the next big thing to come is powerful. (37:28)
  • Figuring out what is going great in your life in the present moment allows you to obtain more. (41:53)


Sara is an inspiring example of how to love yourself in every phase of your life while not comparing yourself to where you may have been previously. Finding what is going well in your life at the present moment, as Sara has, is powerful and can help you find joy and abundance along your journey!


Be sure to check Sara out on Instagram here (personal account) and here (wellness account). 

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One thought on “059: The Fitness Journey of A Food Blogger with Sara Wells of Our Best Bites

  • Kristine FNovember 12, 2019 at 1:01 PM

    Great episode! Love your podcast! Amber, I found you through Instagram and learned of your podcast several months ago. I’ve caught up on all your episodes and just want to say, thank you! I find that I tune in to you most often. Every week:) Your content is relevant to me and so down to earth and real! Keep up the great work!


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