From anorexic, to obese, to becoming a plus size health and fitness motivator, Coach Tulin has been every size. You will fall in love with her and she shares some gold mines from her journey. She speaks truth in such an eloquent way. She is motivating and inspiring and is not afraid to get vulnerable and say the real things. She has a unique perspective that will resonate with you no matter where you are on your fitness journey.


  • All of us lose weight in differents ways, and at different speeds.
  • It is important to be with people who are of the same mindset, and are moving towards the same place.
  • Star your journey from a place of gratitude
  • Destination doesn't matter, because you are doing something that is fun and aligns with how you want to feel.
  • When you start doing things that are fun, you are ALWAYS going to show up for you.
  • For every CAN’T there is a CAN.
  • When you are focusing on how far you have to go, you are focusing on the wrong thing.
  • If you can beat yourself up and talk negatively about yourself, you can talk positively too- it just takes a small shift.

Take away:

When you start moving your body by doing things that are fun, you are ALWAYS going to show up for you.

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