Episode 52

Body Positivity has become such a buzz word – especially in social media.

In this special episode of Biceps After Babies Radio, Amber shares the LIVE class that she taught to young women (aged 12-17) at a church camp on what body positivity means and why it is so important. 

Highlights on Body Positivity

  • Reading of Max Lucado’s “You are Special” and applying it to our lives. (7:03)
  • Concept – we look at ourselves and our lives thru “dirty lenses” (16:37)
  • Difference between an ornament and a tool and how this applies to our body (19:32)
  • Body Positivity is more than accepting your body – it is realizing that you are more than your body (22:59)
  • Objectification and what it means to practice self-objectification (25:14)

Takeaway on Body Positivity

Body Positivity is more than just looking in the mirror and liking what you see.  It is viewing your body as a tool that is capable of greatness and realizing that you are more than your body.

Your purpose is not ornamental, your purpose is to accomplish and achieve.

When you can view your body in this light, you are no longer defined by how you look, but rather at what you can do. 

Note: materials and concepts were used from the following sources: 

Beauty Redefined

“You are Special” by Max Lucado