Episode 53

Amber has life coach, Amber Smith, on to chat about success in your fitness, and in your life. Amber teaches how the secret to success can be found in your thoughts and beliefs. Both Ambers share the likeness in their coaching theories and practices. They agree that a client's failure is a result of simply giving up and not following through. When, instead, if they had simply stuck with it and trusted the process, they could have gotten where they wanted to be. 

Highlights on this Success is Inevitable Podcast Episode:

  • You are the creator and cause of your thoughts and life, not the effect. 
  • The way you can view beliefs as a combination of your thoughts and feelings and how to use both those sources to check in with yourself and change your beliefs if need be. 
  • It is great to learn new things and have new, positive thoughts, but without action they are worthless. Until you take actions, you won’t make any lasting changes. 
  • The point of having goals is not necessarily to get the end result – learning from and enjoying the process along the way is going to help you learn and grow and develop into the person you want to be. 
  • if you don't currently have the results that you want, there is a a belief and thoughts in between you and that result

Success is Inevitable Episode Takeaway:

You are the only one who can truly make changes in your life. Your thoughts and beliefs are either empowering you, or hindering you- and until you align them with where you want to be, you will stay stuck and frustrated. Learning how to change your beliefs into positive, powerful thoughts is a process; and that process is going to be just as rewarding as reaching the goal you are working towards. 


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