On today’s episode, Amber is answering YOUR questions about macros. She asked the ladies on her email list what questions they have about macros; Amber answers those questions here on the podcast today. She covers a variety of topics from how to handle Fast Sundays while trackingto knowing when you should move from a cut to maintenance. So, whether you are new to macros, or feel like you are an expert, you’ll learn something new. And who knows, maybe your question will be read aloud and answered.


  • Why so much protein? (3:35)
  • What is the most simple and effective way to meal plan? (8:26)
  • How do you adjust macros for breastfeeding? (12:02)
  • When should you move from a cut to maintenance? (12:28)
  • If you slip up or have a cheat meal that puts you over your macros, should you reduce your macros for a few days to even things out? (16:33)
  • If you have to chose one, is it more important to stay at your calorie goal or to balance the macros even if that means going over? (18:43)
  • Does a revere diet have a set length like a cut does? Or do you steadily increase calories as long as you can? (21:05)
  • How do you fit macros around Fast Sunday? (22:07)
  • What are ways you can cut down on dietary fat (or any other macro) if you are always going over? (25:10)
  • What should you do when you are sick of tracking? (26:36)

Take away: If you like the Ask-Amber-Anything format, let her know. Send her an email or direct messages her on Instagram, and she will do it again.


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One thought on “020: Ask Amber Anything About Macros

  • ShellyFebruary 7, 2019 at 4:34 PM

    Thank you! I loved this. Laughed at the fast Sunday part about eating everything and turning into a binge. Been there, done that. Explained so well. Shared on Facebook!


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