Today on the podcast, Amber talks with Marta Spirk who is a Success Coach. Marta Spirk shares her story of becoming the mom to triplets and finding herself again after the postpartum period. Marta can easily relate to moms who have lost themselves as they have attended to the needs of their children, as she is a mom to triplets! She remember becoming a mom and feeling lost and a little resentful – even though being a mom was all she ever wanted. Marta shares her story of having triplets and finding herself again after the postpartum period. She encourages women to take time for themselves and find what fulfills them. Marta is passionate about empowering women and helping them find their potential.


  • External change happens internally first.
  • Finding the sweet spot between cutting yourself some slack, and challenging yourself
  • Self-discovery and self-reflections are important as you try and find your passions and interests outside of being a mom
  • Taking care of yourself doesn’t make you a bad mom; it allows you to be more present for those around you.
  • Mindset shifts for newly postpartum moms.
  • Intentionality creates purpose
  • Recognizing self sabotage

Take away:
As you take care of yourself, it allows you to take better care of others.

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