Amber and her husband, TJ, are back on the podcast together to address a variety of questions listener’s have asked. They spill their secret for how they go about supporting each other’s goals, which has gotten them where they are today- TJ being a doctor and Amber running a successful business.



  • What do you do if your husband has no desire to eat healthy? (2:07)
  • What did your husband think about you counting macros?  (8:07)
  • How do you handle the subject with your spouse when they are starting to get a belly? (14:05)
  • How to survive residency as a wife when it requires everything of your spouse? (18:15)
  • How do you find time to work out with a busy schedule? (22:10)
  • What is the biggest thing we should focus on to be a healthy family? (26:10)
  • How have you supported each other in your professional and personal goals while balancing the responsibilities of raising a family? (29:45)  


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