Today I have an extra special guest. He's a guy and I don't bring many men onto the podcast. So other than my husband, I am breaking that rule today to bring my coach and my business mentor onto the podcast, Mr. James Wedmore. I fell in love with how he presents business and how he speaks about business and how he coaches business. I joined his program, Business by Design. Throughout it, I went from being a solo entrepreneur, you know, coaching and helping people yes to now a multiple six-figure business with a team and we are able to serve and help so many more women because of that, and I have his coaching and mentorship really to thank for that. And so you can see why I am so excited to bring him on to the podcast today, because he has had such a transformational hand in, in my business and in my personal growth. And I'm just so excited for you to get introduced to him to hear his insights and thoughts. 

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  • Take actions  and not being afraid making mistakes (9:18)
  • Follow your bliss, your passion, do what you love  (16:27)
  • Law of duality (23:04)
  • To learn and to grow is to help each other grow. (29:06)
  • It’s all about mind conditioning. (44:02, 49:23)
  • Find that essence. (58:56)
  • For every problem, there’s already a solution. (1:03:44)


So a lot of these things that we're quitting are based on lies that we tell ourselves and it goes back to the law of duality. For every problem, there's already a solution. And the answer is through your questions. When you begin to ask outcome-oriented questions, you will find the answer. Because when you live in the question, you live from the question. Life unfolds in infinite possibilities. Another thing is to combine impact with the power of asking outcome-oriented questions. And if you just let that guide you every day, you'd be amazed at where you'd be in a year from now. Have outcome-oriented questions that will guide your life in a completely new direction.


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Amber B  0:45  

Hey,hey, hey welcome back to another episode of Biceps After Babies Radio, I'm your host Amber Brueseke and today I have an extra special guest. I mean, all of my guests are special, but this one is a little special because well, he's a guy and I don't bring many men onto the podcast. And that actually is kind of intentional. First of all, I speak mostly to women. And second of all, I am kind of about, you know, let's have women speaking to women. I have brought my husband onto the podcast. And if you go back to Episode 37, and Episode 40, I did interviews. Why did I guess we did kind of a roundtable about pelvic floor health, and episode number 37 my husband specializes in pelvic floor reconstructive surgery. And then we did and asked us anything on episode 40. And so those were kind of fun. So other than my husband, though, I have not brought any other men onto the podcast and I am breaking that rule today to bring my coach and my business mentor onto the podcast, Mr. James Wedmore.


Amber B  1:53   

Now I found James, a little over two years ago, actually, he was on an Amy Porterfield product podcast. And for those of you who are in business and specifically in online business, you probably know Amy Porterfield and her podcasts Online Marketing Made Easy. But I heard James interviewed on Amy's podcast and I was just blown away. I was like, I need more of whatever this guy is talking about and is offering so I started listening to his podcast, which is the Mind Your Business podcast. And I fell in love with how he presents business and how he speaks about business and how he coaches business. And when he opened up the doors to his program, Business by Design in July of 2018, I joined and was so excited to dive into the way that he presents business and being able to really up level what I had already, you know, already created, I had already created a successful business and I was really looking to scale it and to uplevel it. And so I purchased Business By Design, and the program blew me away. You know, James completely over delivers. And I remember sitting in his coaching sessions that you get when you join BBD. And just like having these aha moments, I actually got the chance to be coached live on one of the calls and it just, it just there was so much so many takeaways and so many aha moments throughout that program that really just changed the shape and the course introduction of my business. And here we are now two years later. And James has been a coach and a mentor to me during that time and my business has grown so much from the time that I met him, I went from being a solo entrepreneur, you know, coaching and helping people yes to now a multiple six figure business with a team and we are able to serve and help so many more women because of that, and I have his coaching and mentorship really to thank for that. And so you can see why I am so excited to bring him on to the podcast today, because he has had such a transformational hand in, in my business and in my personal growth. And I'm just so excited for you to get introduced to him to hear his insights and thoughts. And, you know, we have a conversation today. And a lot of it revolves around business. But what is so apparent to me time and time again, as I go through this journey, both in fitness and in entrepreneurship is how much overlap there is between the two journeys. And we talk about that in this episode. So even if you aren't into business, even if you have no dreams of starting a business, I still really think that you will find a ton of value in this episode because we do talk about how these two worlds really overlap in so many ways. And so many of the lessons that I've learned in business have helped me in physical fitness and vice versa. And so, you know, yeah, if you're a business owner, this is going to be a really fun conversation for you. And if you're not a business owner, there's still going to be so many, much value that you can take and directly apply to your fitness journey.


Amber B  5:04   

Now if you are somebody who is maybe curious and interested in starting a business and or growing and scaling your business, then I cannot recommend enough that you listen to James's video series that will be coming out next week. It's called The Rise of the Digital CEO. It's an eight part video series and it is going to blow your mind. First of all, James, I think we talked about in the interview, but he actually has a background in film. And so he like knows how to create a movie and create an experience and this video series is so entertaining and at the same time, you will learn so much. It has so much free content and free help with you getting started in your and or growing your business. And so if you want to hear about that video series and make sure that you don't miss it, if you go to, you'll be able to make sure that you can watch that video series and get access to it. So and there'll be a lot more information about the video series. It is released June 15th. And he releases all eight episodes at once. So it's totally like Netflix and you can just binge all of the episodes, they're all about eight to 10 minutes long and hands down. This is the best free business training that you will ever get. And I can't wait to have you watched the video series and I can't wait to share James with you. So without further ado, we're gonna jump into the interview with my business friend, mentor and coach James Wedmore.


Amber B  6:46  

Hey, welcome to today's podcast. I am thrilled to have my mentor and coach James Wedmore in the house and I'm just so excited for what he's gonna be able to share. How are you doing, James? 


James Wedmore  6:56  

Amber, I'm doing really well. I'm so grateful that you're so excited.It's, uh, it's infectious. So I'm excited as well. Thanks. Thanks for having me. 


Amber B  7:05   

Heck yeah, I was just actually talking to my team before this, and we realized that you were only the second male I've ever had on the podcast. The other male being my husband. 


James Wedmore  7:14  

Oh, wow. Oh, awesome. 


Amber B  7:16   

Right, the honor. Yeah. I'm excited, excited to be able to chat with you. 


James Wedmore  7:20 



Amber B  7:20   

Um, so first of all, I've already done a little introduction of you. But as a business owner, and you've been in this online business space for 13 years, you're basically a dinosaur. You've built this team of, you know, a core team of 15. Now you have thousands of clients a year you have millions of podcast downloads, but you've been in this for 13 years ago. So I have to imagine that 13 years ago, this wasn't really even a twinkle in your eye. So kind of take us back 13 years ago, who was James then what was coming your dreams and your vision and how did you just, you know, break in and get started. 


James Wedmore  7:54  

Yeah, and I will try and keep this as short as possible. But you know, I think my whole life, I was an entrepreneur, but I didn't know it. And I think so many of us are, like, I didn't realize that it wasn't really. I thought it was normal that people had like that everyone just had always had ideas and dreams, because that's what I had. I always had like, a new idea for a new invention or a new thing I wanted to try or do. And there was so much like, passion and enthusiasm behind that. And I would just like to go through my life, especially when I got to college. And I was doing things like eBay businesses and stuff and people were like, dude, just get a real job. And like, a deck was kind of trying to discourage all that out of me. And I was like, but I don't want to, and I did get a real job. And in college, I became a bartender. And I hated it. And so I was fighting this, right I was fighting that I'm supposed to be a normal person getting a normal job and bartender is a normal job.But there's that deeper sense of there's something more I want to do with my life. And I remember I'd get home from a shift of bartending. I was working on the border. Do you ever go? Have you ever been on the border?


Amber B  9:11    

Yeah, yup.


James Wedmore  9:11  

It's like I tell people, it's like Chili's with Mexican food. That's, that's a border. 


Amber B  9:17   

That is the quality 


James Wedmore  9:18  

and, you know, a bartender at the border has beers and pre-made margaritas, like, I wasn't really even utilizing my bartending skills. It was pretty easy. Anybody could do my job. But I get home and I remember like, you kind of get into this employee mindset of like, clock in clock out. So as soon as I was off the clock, I'd go home and I just played video games. And I kind of woke up to that I'm like, man, is this gonna just kind of be my life and I just kind of drift through my 20s and then maybe like, I kind of just saw a vision of my future like, wake up in my 30s and be like, Oh, I gotta get my stuff together and not in that voice but similar and so  I was trying anything in everything and that you know that kid because that's this was 22 years old at the time. That kid I just give so much credit to because I think what I had at my advantage is we've now you know, look back and say what's the secret to success? You build a multi million dollar a year company and it keeps growing. The secret is I just kept taking action, and I wasn't afraid to make mistakes. And so I kept trying things and as a bartender, it happened by accident.


James Wedmore  10:31  

My husband, who was like my mom's friend or something, paid me money to bartend a little get together for like, 12 women. It was like Sex in the City Margarita, or Martini night and we would make like cosmos and stuff and I'm like, Yeah, I can do that. And it was great. I was 22 I was getting these wonderful women, a little tipsy. They're all flirting with me and flirting back giving them a good show  and I got paid a ton of money for it. And I was like, I got paid. I think like, like the equivalent of like three or four shifts in one night. And I didn't even feel like I was working.And I said, maybe there's something to this. And at that same time I put I learn, I read a nine and you'll get this, like, this is such an origin and we're like, I don't, this isn't a talk about myself. This is because we all have these same stories. And the thing is, is you just might be in the middle of your story. Right? And you're in the thick of it right now. And so there was a time when that after that happened. I bought a book at Barnes and Noble I had like $100 to my name. I wasn't, I didn't have any extra like savings or anything. And I bought a 950 page book on how to build websites using Dreamweaver. I read it twice, cover to cover. I learned how to code and build a website. And I built a website on Barton, a bartender for hire in Orange County.


James Wedmore  12:00  

And then I learned, then you realize no one comes to your website. They don't know where to go do it, how would they find it? So I learned this thing called SEO, which is S.E.O.. That took a while to figure out what? Oh, it's SEO, SEO. Okay, what does that mean? Oh, search engine optimization. Okay, got it. And I got there's a guy who called me was trying to sell me on a service that is so funny. And he's like, yeah, you know, for blah, blah, blah a month, we can, we can index your pay. This is, you know, this is back in 2007, 2006. And he goes, we can index your pages in Google for certain keywords, and I just said,so this was so scrappy back then I was, so I'm so proud of that kid. I go, and what exactly is it that you do to the pages to make them indexable in Google, so that they pop up? And he's like, Oh, so what we do is we change the titles, the description, we put the keywords here and the metadata, and we do it here and we put backlinks and all stuff, and I'm just taking notes. Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh. And he's like, so would you like us to do that? And I'm like, yeah, let me think about it and I just went right into my website, changed it all to Orange County bartender and like every city in Orange County, plus bartender, and like three days later, I got my first phone call.


James Wedmore  13:13  

And I was off to the races and um, I quit my bartending job. And now I'm bartending parties and bar mitzvahs. Yes, was a non alcoholic has like grenadine you know, like, Virgin drinks, to weddings and 50th birthday parties and everything. And all of a sudden, fast forward. I've got a staff of 15 bartenders, cocktail waitresses, we're running out bar equipment and, and like ice sculptures and I'm working with other vendors and we've got this whole thing, this whole operation. Working from north of LA, all the way down to San Diego, people were fighting for us. I kept raising my prices. This was amazing. And now I'm like in my, you know, mid 20s. And you know, it's my favorite part of the whole thing was I was super proud of our staff. I just created this team of amazing bartenders, people come to me and I say, James, we do parties for years company parties, you have the best bartenders.


James Wedmore  14:08  

And I said, You want to know why is it please? Why what is your senior I said, they were drunk of horrors are like, you have the best bartenders. And I'm like, yeah, you want to know why I say cuz they're not bartenders, why I got a train to myself, none of these people have any experience. And that was what I was getting the most joy out of was training these other bartenders, and they were going off and on. And these were all my friends from college, and they're all making money and they're quitting their jobs. And or just doing this on the side or whatever, you know, they all had different life paths and everything, but they're all you know, making a ton of tips walking home with $300 in tips, and $200. Like you're making $500 on a Friday night, and loving life and saying that was the most fun I've ever had. And that's when I got the idea of saying, I want to teach more people how to do this. And I put, I put a book on the internet called Barton for Profit. 


James Wedmore  15:02  

And on April 18 2008, I made my very first sale. San Antonio, Texas, life changing. And I cannot tell you how much that day changed my life, how it fell. It's still the greatest business feeling I've had, like we've had days in the business now, and I don't say this to brag or anything. But you just say this to share the contrast of how far you can go and you just keep going with what you love. But we've had days where we've made a million dollars in less than a day. And it's still not the same feeling as that first sale that came in from a complete stranger on the internet, San Antonio, Texas for $187 and 95 cents plus 1995 shipping and handling because we shipped them a whole, you know, physical stuff that goes with it. And it was teaching them how to bartend. It was an at home bartending kit. And the idea I got for it was that I went to bartending school and I paid $800 and it was a joke. Like, it was just a week of a guy, you know, get here, memorize these drink recipes. And then here's some bottles with water in them. And here you go. And I'm like, that's it. That's the secret to bartending, like, that's it. And I went on this journey of learning, like, you know, things like how to build rapport, and jokes and a bar flare and things you can do to increase your tips and all of those things. And so I included all that.


James Wedmore  16:27  

And I'm like, you don't need to pay 800 and do it locally in person, you can do it at home. And that was my first like, foray into the online world. And that first sale came in the reason it felt so good because this little thought popped in my head, it said, if you can get one person to do this, you can get another and if you can get another where's it go from there? And that's what started all of this. I mean, that was it. And the funny thing is 13 to 14 years later, I am just as passionate and in love with all of things business, marketing, team building, the internet, social media, all of it, just as passionate. And that's what I think is most important is that you hear it as a cliche, and I'll shut up in a moment, I promise. I have to say that because I can go on tangents. But you hear those things and they become really cliche, like, follow your bliss. Follow your passion, do what you love.And the only reason they sound cliches because they're so true. You hear him over and over and over and over again. But you were here to find out why you were here. And that's to do the thing that you'll know you're doing that when when, by the way, it feels and it will feel like the thing you love doing and it won't feel like work anymore. There you don't need to go through some huge enlightenment process or go like meditate on a mountaintop in India or something to come to that realization, you will when you do that, but you don't need to. You just take my word for it and start finding what it is that you just love doing that when you do it, it doesn't feel like work. And then it's about how do we make money doing that. And that's what I do today. That's all I love doing today is help people make more money doing what it is that they love doing. And there's always a way and now, in this time more than ever, it's now it's like a necessity, right? Like, the stats that have come out that you know, highest, like unemployment rate, I think it's higher now than the great depression. Right? If not, it's like right around it with like, I think I don't remember the latest stat the 20 million Americans filed 


Amber B  18:44   

Yes, it's over 20 million


James Wedmore  18:44  

Yeah. Right. And, you know, I'm a kind of weird person, Amber knows. I hold very different perspectives on things. And I hold this, it's a big perspective. You know, you got to go back like 30,000 feet, but I hold the perspective that what's people are going through right now? It's serving them, it's for them. That's a hard thing. And people get really upset about that. But I have to hold that space that no matter how challenging, you know, leaving a job or being laid off or can't go back to that, or that job doesn't even exist anymore, that inevitably, that is serving you in some way. Because I do believe at its core, and that's what transformed my life is to understand that life is happening for you. And so a lot of people, not everybody, everyone's different. So I don't I never say absolutisms, okay, unless it's like a universal principle in law of truth. But I don't want to make generalizations but for a lot of people that are out of work right now, they were in a job they hated. It was making them ill. It was, you know, putting them into a depression or taking them away from their family, and now they're at home. They're with their loved ones. They are present with their family and their reevaluating so many things in their life, what matters to them? You know, a lot of people are just getting off the rat race, the hamster wheel of busyness, and busyness puts you in a trance. And so I heard someone say this and I loved it as this is a transcendence, it's an end to that trance. And when we snap out of that trance of just this go ,go, go, busy, busy busy, we have a space that gets created where we can look at our own lives and reevaluate what matters to me. What's important to me. And in this age, unlike any other time in the history of our lives, we are in so much more control, and have so much more say over our financial destiny, how we work, when we work, where we work, and how much we make when we work. That is exciting. And today, this is the last thing ever. And I'm going to stop. 


James Wedmore  20:55  

When I started that bartending thing, and I said I'm gonna create a website on the internet and sell an online bartending school. I started with a quote, that I had no idea would be the thing that became the guiding light in my life, you know, because we had like vision boards and stuff, right, I put my goals on a cork board. And above all those goals of all those things, I wanted to manifest all those things I want to have in my life, I had this one little piece of paper, it was a piece of printer paper that I fold into thirds, and I took a black sharpie marker, and I wrote, inspire others on the top line .And then on the second line, through my actions. That guided me for the last 13 years, because I just want to be that proof for one person to say this guy did it. That means I can do and that gave me a lot of meaning. You know, and as a result of that, we've helped a lot of people. So there you go. 


Amber B  21:45   

Yeah, no, it's awesome. And I think back to you know, one of the lessons that I've learned from you so pointedly in my life is kind of what you're speaking to is this idea that, you know, life happens for you and even more so than that the breakthrough that you're wanting that is going to propel you into the results that you want, it must come after the break down. And so I think about that in our time right now that a lot, there's a lot of people experiencing breakdowns, right. Like there's a lot of hard things going on. And maybe you've lost a job or maybe you know, you are struggling with family or whatever your situation, there can be a lot of breakdowns. But when we can start to get excited about that, and recognize that those breakthroughs that you want, can and will come after only after the breakdowns, then it starts to shift that perspective of like,what's this setting me up for? What amazing thing is going to come because of this experience that I'm having right now? Yeah, I've seen that over and over and over in my business of these things that are like I would deem the worst things that happen, you know, losing clients or failed launches or whatever. And I can see time and time again, in my experience that every single time that was only setting me up for something bigger in the future. 


James Wedmore  22:56  

Now I do want to say there that I don't believe we need to have a breakdown in order to experience a breakthrough, which is really good news. 


Amber B  23:04    



James Wedmore  23:04  

However, yes, when we're in a breakdown,the first thing we need to tell ourselves as well, the breakthrough is right around the corner. Because the first thing we want to look at is if you want to look at universal laws, and you can start to do your own research on this, if you're not familiar, one of the universal laws, I mean, this is like, ancient universal laws. And these are things that can be tested. So it's like, it's not about I don't believe that. It's, you can look at it, right. These are things that you can look at in nature and in life. And you can see the evidence everywhere. And one of these universal laws is called the law of duality. And it's this idea that we live in a dualistic universe, which means there's the opposites of everything, like and and the opposite describes its opposite. So you can't experience hot without knowing what cold is and vice versa. There is no up without a down, no left without a right North without a South, good without bad, right? And so everywhere you look, you see that, you see these, the duality of everything light and dark, good and bad, right? And it's everywhere, which means Why am I saying this? What the heck does it have to do? Every problem? Every problem means law of duality. The solution already exists. You cannot have when you operate this way. Notice how just kind of changes the way you feel. When you know I'm in a problem. We got a problem. Oh crap. The solutions already there. It has to, it must exist. It must. It is law. It's just up to us. Are we going to find it? And I can help people find it. But when we start from that place it yeah that breakthroughs there. It's just a matter of time, it's just a matter of finding it. And that that already moves us in the right direction. Because we, I think a lot of times when people, you know, are in a problem, what makes the problem a lot worse is they're operating from a belief that this is gonna be permanent, or it's gonna get worse, or it's going to cause something else.


James Wedmore  25:21  

And that's what keeps people in a problem, they're saying, the fact that I have this problem means something else is going to happen, this is never going to stop, this is going to cause that. And we go to these worse place scenarios. And instead, if you could just flip that to say, Oh, this is a problem. Oh, which also means the solution is there. I've just got to find it.


Amber B  25:41  

Yeah, that's so good. And for anybody who's listening, who isn't an entrepreneur, like so many of the things and as I've learned this through James, and I've learned this as I've gotten into entrepreneurship, so many of the things that apply to starting a business or entrepreneurs applies to your fitness journey, and I find the same thing with my clients. And that you know, they feel like this isn't working or whatever, they get stuck and they get frustrated in their fitness journey. And when you come from it from this perspective of like, when we label something a problem, that automatically means that there is already a solution. It's, it's freeing. And it allows you to start looking for the solution. And, and get yourself and propel yourself forward in that. And it's so exciting to be able to have that perspective shift and it makes, you know, all the difference in the world.


Amber B  26:27   

Okay, so you went back. And I want to kind of backtrack a little bit when you were saying you're talking about your origin story. And you talked about this idea of coming up with what you love and being able to make money out of your passion. So I had an interesting conversation a little bit ago with the friend who has looked at me and my business and what I've been able to create, and she's getting to the point where her kids are getting older and she's looking for, you know, an identity outside of motherhood, not that motherhood isn't wonderful and fulfilling, but, you know, she's ready to like have something else that's just her. And so we were talking about it, and she had this, you know, idea that she, you know, starting a business really cool, but she was getting stuck on like what she would do. So for those people who are at that point where they're like, yes, starting a business sounds interesting, it sounds like something fun, but I don't really know what my passion is, what are some ways that people can start to flesh that out and start to discover like you discovered what your passion was in their lives?


James Wedmore  27:23  

Yeah. So, I also, I start with this is another premise because it's the same that's called a problem as well. 


Amber B  27:31  



James Wedmore  27:31  

right. Like, I want to do this, but I don't know what I would do. That's also called a problem. Because a problem is just an experience of something unwanted. So you don't want to not know you want to know, you want clarity. So not having clarity would be the problem, which means and when you operate this way in your life, life changes so drastically for the better, because when you operate from Well, I know the answers out there.That moves us closer to it. 


James Wedmore  28:02  

So I also believe that this is his principle I operate and it's been found true time and time again that any desire that was born within your heart, you already have everything that it takes within you to make that dream a reality. Okay? So, you know, for example, people say, Oh, really, you can just do anything you want, right? Well, why don't you go play in the NBA? Because I don't want to, like, I have no, no desire, right? No desire, but we all love a good underdog story of the person that was told they couldn't their whole life, they did it, because they had the desire. Now they backed it up with the determination and the action, you know, the commitment, the responsibility, so it doesn't mean it's gonna be easy. And I'm not here to say it's going to be easy. I think business itself is going to help you grow more than many other ways than anything else, right? That and like being a parent and being married. Those are like the three ways we grow, you do all three of those like Ambry, you're gonna grow a lot. And


Amber B  29:04   



James Wedmore  29:06  

so it doesn't make it, it doesn't mean it's gonna be easy, but it does mean at first that it's possible. And anybody who's saying I want to do a business like this, we have to also operate from the principle that there is something for you to share. There is something and I believe we in life are here to learn and to grow. I am very much of like this inquisitive, inquisitive philosopher, you know, people joke, I love it is a very nice compliment to say that I'm the Yoda of online business. That's very nice. But I'm much more of a student than an 8 or 900 year old, wise Jedi. And I do ask all the time, like, why are we here? You know, in questions like that, and I keep coming to a place we're here to learn, grow and experience. And I do believe that as we each grow, we actually come here to help each other grow. How many times in your life did you get through something only because of somebody else, someone in your life helped you through it. And you're like, I couldn't have done it without someone so right. And at the same time, that person got so much out of it themselves. By helping you, they got meaning, they got fulfillment, they got purpose, they got significance. And so I believe we're here to grow. And I believe we're here to help each other grow. And I think this type of business does that in a massive, massive way. And so we kind of want to start with all those premises that there is a way that you can help others grow if the desire is there.


James Wedmore  30:46  

And so then it's about a combination of saying, what is it that people are already coming to me for .The people that I've seen that I've had the most success the fastest, and it doesn't mean you won't have success, so don't go into a negative space with this is that they said, James, people keep coming to me about this. The reason why people are coming to you about that is because you have embodied it, you're living it, and they want them some of that. And then you have the other side of it, where people are like, I want to do this and help me with that. But no one wants to,you know, listen to me. It's like cuz you ain't owning it. You don't, you don't, you're not living what they want. And that's a hard pill to swallow. Right? It would be like me helping people build a million dollar business, but I'm like, living off food stamps. You know? It's it just most people wouldn't listen to that person. Right? You want to listen to the people that have what you want. And when you demonstrate and embody that, so people already come to you with stuff. And it's by the way, it's usually the stuff that comes really easy to you. That's a really good indicator, right? So you want to look at that. What are people asking you questions about? What do they already come to you about? What do they keep saying like you should do a blog about that, you should teach us how to do that. Or how do you, right, any form of that. And if you're like, Oh, they don't come to me for anything, just this, maybe that's not the case. You're just not paying attention. So start paying attention and ask for a sign. I'm very, I'm all about asking for signs right? Now, I believe life gives you clues. It's all the time you just not looking. So you can ask for one. Just ask. Just put it out there and start to notice when, you know, funny you say that I was thinking, you know, it just weird things happen, like so do that and then if it's something that comes easy, that's a really great time because it means you enjoy and you're like, wait, no people wouldn't pay to do that. That's easy. I mean, we have members that they teach people, Kendra right, who teaches people how to our moms, 


Amber B  32:54  



James Wedmore  32:54  

how to clean 


Amber B  32:55    

have clean


James Wedmore  32:55  

their homes. And that was our whole thing, like people don't people gotta pay me to learn how to clean. Are you nuts? And another previous member of the mastermind, April Perry did something very similar, multiple, multiple seven figure business, teaching people how to organize. So before you judge it, because it's easy, and you learned it for free or you didn't pay to learn it, it just came naturally to you ,start doing your research. And because there are people today, I taught people how to bartend and it got me started. But there are people today that are doing stuff in every different niche imaginable. So let's think of some examples. How to meditate. How to Fung Shui your house, how to do interior design, how to use you know, social media, how to use tech for non techies, we have people doing, how to how to tutor kids, how to homeschool your kids. We have different sports like how to prepare your daughter for softball for you know at the collegiate level. Okay, there's a niche for you . For every instrument you can imagine, right? You know like how to play the guitar,


Amber B  34:18    

parent team sleeps, sleep training. Those are all ones that I know of to meal prep.


James Wedmore  34:23  

Yep, yeah, the meal prep and shopping lists to why did I just lose it but you know, things, anything, obviously fitness and nutrition. Robin Long is a very good friend of mine and she runs one of the biggest polities memberships on the planet called the Sisterhood and like everyone I've ever met who's done phonies, like knows Robin in this membership. You know, so it's like, you name it. And it's been done and it's pretty awesome even to one of our members. Cathy Hay, vintage, Victorian authentic corset, making I mean, come on. 


Amber B  35:01   

Wow! That's a niche


James Wedmore  35:02  

 I know that that's a niche, right. And so, you know, if these successful people took something they're passionate or though it took something that they knew would help other people. And they put it together in a way that they were able to get paid to do what they love. And I'll tell you this right now, I don't this is, if all this sounds too good to be true. You know, here's the other side of it. I'm just gonna be straight up with this. If you don't have a passion for teaching, or helping others, you're not gonna like this type of business. There's other types of businesses you can do. I really want to start there. I found out that I loved teaching. Like I can't help it. Like, if you think this is work for me to be on a podcast on a Monday, recording with my good friend Amber talking for an hour if you think this is like work, it's not. But if, if you're like, Oh, I would never want to do that. honor that. That means that there's something else there for you. And I don't want to, you know, ever mislead anybody, because what will never mislead you. And I know I get really cheesy, but it's so true. I just keep finding truth is what will never mislead us your heart. And what I mean by that is if you pay attention to how you feel there'll be certain things in your life that lights you up and feel good and, you know, give you joy, and fulfillment. And we got to, we got to find ways to turn that into a business. We got to find ways to monetize that. And there's always, always a way, but where I really like to play is anything that comes down to teaching coaching, you know, paid content. So, yeah,


Amber B  36:37   

yeah, that's awesome. So if someone's listening, and their wheels are starting to turn and they're like, oh, now that I think about it, you know, people come to me for coupon means, or whatever. And


James Wedmore  36:48  

just real that's the thing. People do that.


Amber B  36:50   

Oh, totally. Oh, yeah, I know big. There's big blogs and people that are into that. So yeah, whatever is coming up for you as a listener right now. What I find is that as soon some of those stuff comes up that immediately and I especially I deal with a lot of women, and a lot of women listen to this podcast and I think women tend to even do this more than men is that we start to downplay ourselves and we start to lean into the fear and the things come up and, and what I find is we just tend to keep ourselves stuck and not take the action that we need to take. So if someone is sitting here, and maybe they've had something come to their mind as you've been speaking about this idea, and then probably quickly after that comes up, it's all the reasons why that won't work and all the reasons why they can't do it. What is the next step? Or what is something that can help that entrepreneur or that budding, you know, budding person who wants to be an entrepreneur? take that next step? And what does it look like?


James Wedmore  37:41  

Yeah, I'm gonna answer that. But I gotta ask you a question based on that. If you based on your own experience, why is it that so many women downplay themselves?


Amber B  37:52   

I think a lot of women have worthiness issues. And, you know, I don't, I think it's some of it stems from suicidal. I think a lot of it stems from upbringings. But I find that so many women are so hard on themselves. And it prevents them from putting out into the world what they were meant to do. And I think it is one of my, it's one of my passions and one of my missions. You know, I've talked about this a lot on the podcast, but like Biceps After Babies, for me my mission and my vision is to empower women to tap into their innate ability to achieve. And I feel like so many women, they have this ability to achieve inside of them, and they don't yet recognize it. They don't yet understand it, and they don't yet tap into it. And my job and my vision as a coach and as a brand is to help them to find it, and help them to realize that oh my gosh, this was inside of me all along. And now I have the skills and ability and experience to tap into it that the world is my oyster and you know anything is possible. So I get really excited talking about this because I find so many women in a place where they don't believe in themselves and hold themselves back, and business is one of them where they think it's already been done. Someone's gonna do it better than me like, you know, I my husband already has a good job like why do I need to do this? And so I'm yeah, so this is what this is what comes out for me and my audience a lot and I'm curious what you would say to somebody who is in that headspace right now.


James Wedmore  39:20  

Totally and I'm gonna say to is I think it is a universal, you know human condition I think I think men struggle just as much. I just think it manifests differently. If you look at the difference between the masculine and feminine energy, masculine energy is very action oriented. Now we all have I'm not talking about men versus women. I'm talking about energy. So we all have a combination of masculine and feminine energy, but the masculine energy is very action oriented.


Amber B  39:46     



James Wedmore  39:46  

Right. And so I think a lot of men that when they feel that unworthiness is I've gone through that stuff myself, we compensate through action, where the feminine is very much about receiving, right and so perhaps, again, this is just a theory is that for men, they compensate with the unworthiness by doing more, working harder, right. And that creates some results in the, in the physical, you know, in the 3D where women would maybe do the opposite. They you know, some wouldn't it just it depends every you know, every, you know, male female is made up of different amounts of either some women you either like a lot of masculine energy or a lot of feminine, right? There's no right or wrong. It's just we're all unique and different, but it's something to look at. 


James Wedmore  40:31  

So here's the thing about the unworthiness thing. There's a lot of really fascinating stuff I've gone into with, with the combination, the conversation around unworthiness. The first thing we have to understand is that you'll understand it conceptually, but that's about as far as it'll go right now, is that it's all an illusion. It's all a mirage. Okay, there is no unworthiness, it does not exist, except for a thought or creation in your mind as a belief right because worthy of what? measured by what? By whom? And you could spend hours trying to answer those questions and you wouldn't get anywhere. Unworthy of what? Measured by what? What is the measurement for worthiness? And who's measuring it. There's no one out there dictating people's worthiness. And there's nothing that's measuring it. So people create a measurement for well work. The more I work, the more worthy I become. You hear it in people all the time. I hate it when people say this. I correct them every time. Oh, hey, I'm off to Sedona. I'm gonna go you know, relax for a couple weeks. Great! You deserve it.


James Wedmore  41:48  

 What does that mean? Well, why is there a time I wouldn't deserve it? You're deserving of everything all the time. It's an illusion, It's a mirage. You know, because and don't believe me go look at a newborn child. And look it in the eyes and say you're not deserving because you haven't worked a day in your life. It's nonsense. It's completely nonsense. So it's this illusion that we create in our minds. And we won't go into all the sources of how and where it gets created. Right, but we got a lot of people on the planet that all believe they're unworthy, and so they're all operating from that place. So we pick it up from a young age, because so many other people are like our parents and our, you know, other, you know, bigger people in our lives when we're little people. And so we just things happen in our life, we go bust because I'm not worthy, or I'm not enough. I'm not good enough. It's nonsense. And then we spend the rest of our life either trying to hide that from people. But you're not fooling anyone, or trying to become enough. Think about that. You're trying to become something that you already are. And then we wonder why we burn out. We wonder why we get so tired. We wonder why we have adrenal fatigue? You know, we wonder why we you know, get, you know, clinical issues, you know, we're trying to be something that we already are, and we're spinning our wheels. And then of course you already are it. Think about that for a moment you already are it, you already are enough. But you don't believe you're enough? And then you never know when you will be enough. If you think right now, I'm not enough. Have you even asked the question? When will you be? Most people don't have an answer to that question. So they just keep using whatever survival strategy that they decided on at a young age that will make them enough and they keep doing that until they break down. Well, if I get a certain amount of degrees, or if I make a certain amount of money, or I do a certain amount of these things, right then I will be. But even after they get all those things, the feeling hasn't changed.


James Wedmore  44:02  

And nothing external will ever change that. And I found myself, this is only me speaking from my own experience. You know, my parents are the two hardest working human beings I've ever met. So they taught that to me whether they realize it or not. And that was my survival strategy for dealing with not enough. I'll just work harder. And then I found myself during those bartending days, I was talking about being addicted to adderall, 20 poppin 20 to 40 milligrams a day and dropping down to 144 pounds. I look like a skeleton with eyeballs bulging out, I had no friends move back in with mom and dad and I was working 14 hours a day and eating like, half a sandwich for the whole day. And still making like nothing like nothing was working. And I'm like, there's got to be a better way. But that was my that was how I'd be enough. So I just work harder. And it wasn't till years later and that you realized and it's one thing to realize, like some of you guys are listening and you're getting it conceptually. And this integrates into every cell in your body. And you radiate nothing but being enough you have nothing to prove who are we proven what to whom? These are great questions that no one's asking. I got something to prove. To whom?! No one else cares. No one cares, because it's your life, not theirs. They're busy focusing on trying to prove their things to other people too. They're not waiting for you to prove. I'll get on with my life once she proves herself to me. No, they're busy with their own stuff. You know, so there's so much we can unpack there, but it's all a mirage, there's, it's all made up. And if you just kind of sat there and kind of even started to journal on some of those questions, that's where you inevitably get to. It's there's no one there measuring it and determining it other than ourselves. The only reason why you don't feel enough is because you've been telling yourself that your entire life, which by the way, when you get to that point, if you can get there. There's another really powerful thing that comes after that. Think about that for a second. You're only you only feel like you're not enough. Because you've been telling yourself, you're not enough your entire life, which also is proof of just how powerful you are. Because you created that, that's all so these are hard pills for people to swallow. Some people might not be ready for that. But, you know, I believe you are. And you created that. And when you get to that place, you go, Whoa. So what else can I create? And the people we work with, you know, like, Amber is a great example. The life they have, the business they've created, the impact in the world, the sales, the launches, the results, all of that That's the byproduct of all this other work that they've been doing for a long time now. And that that work is all like starting in their head, the news story they're saying, and so, if you keep telling yourself you're not enough, you're so powerful and your thoughts are so powerful, you're gonna continue to be right about whatever you choose to believe. So, yes, this is simple, doesn't make it easy. But you gotta start telling yourself a new story. And I can start with a single thought in an instant. But it's gonna be, it's gonna have to be a new habit. It's gonna have to be a new discipline just like working out. Hey, you know, Amber um, to basically you know, Amber and I love to compare the weight loss and fitness and, and just health world to, to business because it is so similar, right. So I wouldn't come to Amber and say, because I was overweight before the adderall. Hey, there's a great way to lose weight. Geez, I was 224 pounds before I started popping out adderall, don't do drugs kids. But I was  overweight so I can say so could you imagine if I came to Amber and said, Amber, I love what you're doing. I love your stuff but here's the thing is I can't do it. I can't do what you got. Why not? Because I'm overweight.


Amber B  48:16   

You're like, that's why you need it.


James Wedmore  48:18  

That's exactly why you need it. And if all you keep doing is focusing on I'm overweight and eating overweight things, so consuming with your mind and your mouth, things that keep you overweight, you're gonna stay overweight. Right? So this is like an internal diet. You got it. You got to change your mind diet, your thought diet. So you aren't enough because you convinced yourself you're not. So what are you going to tell yourself now? What is the new thought? You're gonna feed yourself? What's the new belief you're gonna eat for breakfast? Believe for, there you go. Right. So that's,


James Wedmore  48:55  

that's where we start because you look you look around you look at every single person that you know, Amber, you've gotten to know that's been successful doing this. And they didn't get they're still doubting themselves and stain and fear that had to change first. 


Amber B  49:12   

Mm hmm. 


James Wedmore  49:12  

You know, you gotta want it so bad that you're willing to do that. It's not easy, but it is simple. That's what's beautiful. It's always it always comes back to simplicity. This is not easy. So yeah,


Amber B  49:23    

Yeah. And I mean, there are so many parallels between fitness and business and and this is one of the biggest ones that I see is and I see it talking to people about business that everybody's looking for the the tactic, they're looking for the strategy, they're looking for the perfect launch mechanism, they're looking for how do I grow my Instagram, right? They're looking for these external things that they think that they have to learn in order to grow. And you know what James talked about right here. Of like, if you don't think that you're enough, it doesn't matter what tactic or what strategy, anything that you learn, it will never take the action that you need take, you'll never move forward. Well, you'll never be able to build anything. And if people want to in the fitness industry, they want the perfect diet, they want the perfect workout plan, they want the perfect, whatever. And it isn't until you do the inside work that the external can then change. 


James Wedmore  50:13  

And by the way, I didn't even get to your question. So I do want to answer that about like, what can they start doing? So don't don't move on. 


Amber B  50:20   

Okay. Yeah, yeah. So but when we focus on these things first,


James Wedmore  50:25  



Amber B  50:26    

it is what propels and drives people forward. And so yeah, I'm you know, James, James can teach you tactics. James. James has taught me so much. He's taught me strategies. He's taught me marketing, like, I've learned so much. But if I didn't do the inner work, which James has also helped with, in being able to feel enough to feel worthy to feel like I have something to offer. It's not going to make a difference. And so that, you know, we spent a lot of time and James talked a lot about worthiness, but it's because it's important and it's because it's foundational and nothing else that he teaches will ever stick or  make a difference until that has been addressed. And I find that same thing in the fitness industry in the weight loss industry. You know, in the health industry,


James Wedmore  51:08  

yes. So 


Amber B  51:09   

okay, so, lay on us


James Wedmore  51:11  

okay, so I'm gonna lay it on you there's one more piece I'm gonna add really quickly. So a lot of people take this core belief, this mirage, this illusion of I'm not enough, I'm not worthy. And then they bring in a business and they say, I couldn't possibly do what Amber does, because I'm not enough. But they're also operating from this belief that you have to be the best in the world. You have to have the most degrees, the longest experience and all the credibility and a million testimonials and results and you got to be on Oprah and Dr. Phil, before you can start. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here's all


Amber B  51:36   



James Wedmore  51:36  

Here's the only requirement you need. You help people. Can you help somebody? Will it make a difference for someone out there and there's a phrase I love this, it says to the third grader, remember third grade to the third grader fourth grader is God right? Remember when you were in third grade, you looked up at the fourth grader and they had big history books and they're like, Whoa, you read all of that. And they're like, Yo, I'm smart now. And you were so impressed. And the truth is, is, there's people that are way smarter than you. Because I know there's plenty of people that are way smarter than me. They have more experience than me. They have more degrees, more of this and more that. But that didn't stop me; it did for actually a long time. It doesn't stop me today. But at the same time, people get intimidated by that and people don't resonate with that. There's somebody that maybe is a few steps behind you, and they're more related to you. They relate with you more than like, Oh, yes, I want what she's serving up, because that seems doable. That seems realistic. Because you are, yes, you're a unique snowflake. We all are. And there's something about Amber, that you follow besides what she teaches. You know, I love the fact that she's a mom, I love the fact that, you know, she does all these other things. It's just what I do. That's what I do. Right and that's what people are looking for. They are looking to find themselves in somebody else. So not about being the best on the planet. Okay, so that's the first piece. 


James Wedmore  53:10  

The second piece is, if this is about helping people, then make it about helping people, period. Is a great metaphor. I love to use it. If you saw somebody drowning, and you're the only one that could save their life. Serious question, would you hesitate? If someone was drowning and they were going to die, would you hesitate? Most people I talked to say no. And why are you hesitating right now? Is no different, no different. If they're help, help me, help me, help me. And they're drowning. Do you sit there on the shore and say, Oh, I don't know if I'm a good enough swimmer. I don't know if I have a good enough life raft. I don't I'm not gonna I'm gonna look stupid saving them.  Know!, you just save their butts. And that's every day when I get on a podcast like this when I do my own podcast when I show for anything, who can I help today? Who needs to hear this? This is for that one person. That's all that matters. And so, that gets us to Amber's question, which is if you're operating from that place, it's that question because questions are the answer. That question is going to start driving new behaviors. How could I start helping more people today? With nothing in return?


James Wedmore  54:37  

How can I start helping? What could I start to do? And even just starting for the first few weeks it just starts putting some content out there teaching a tip and advice a piece of video? I mean, people are following my stories right now cuz I'm doing a little handyman tips because we just got to a place out here in Sedona, Arizona, that we're putting up on Airbnb. So I know all these like Hank and my dad taught me was like woodworking stuff and you know, how to do everything in a house when I was younger, and so I teach all these little tips and tricks and all here's this fun little thing you can do like how to hang up. People were like, this is amazing. Like this morning in your business stuff. Gee, thanks. You know, okay. People are enjoying that, right? I'm getting feedback. It feels really good. But it's also like, oh, wow, not that I would deviate from what I'm doing. But, man, somebody could really create a great membership around, like, you know, first time homebuyer fix it up hacks and tricks, you know. So you're getting that feedback, you're building that relationship. People are telling you what they like, what they don't like, what they're getting value in. The thing is, is you're never going to get what you want on the sidelines. You gotta get out there and play the game and the game is content. The game is creating value by putting content out there and just look at Amber you didn't follow her because she thought about it all day. You follow her? Because she gave you something and that and you received it and yeah, and it helped you and you liked it and it made a difference and you said, Please Amber, I'd like some more. But if you're sitting there on the sidelines waiting for all the answers, waiting for all the plans waiting for all to come together before you start, how much more time are you going to waste, you can just start to start putting stuff out there. Here's something I know, here's something I'll help, here's how I'm going to research some things. And then I'm gonna put together what I research and I'm going to help give and give and create that audience, create that relationship, create that rapport, and they will tell you what they want, they will tell you what they will pay for. They will lead you to that offer to that home run digital products online course or membership and then there'll be the first ones in line to pay for. So yeah, 


Amber B  56:44    

So good. So I hope that those of you who are listening that you heard those steps you know, yeah, we started with the worthiness conversation. And then I love and I love James what you said like, just start helping people and that's what that's what I tell a lot of people who come to me like, how did you start your business? And I was like, you know what I just, people want me to help. And I just said, Okay, I'll help you. And I would not be where I am today, I wouldn't have the business I have, I would not be the coach that I am today, had I not just gotten started and learned the lessons along the way, right. Like, there was no way for me to jump where I was before to the coach I am today. I had to have the experience and coach people and get better at it and learn and grow. And I think we expect ourselves sometimes to be able to jump to that level that we think we have to be at. And what James said is so important, just getting started. And like you said, building that audience and then letting them tell you what they want from you in terms of content, in terms of offers ,in terms of paid products. And I loved how you laid that out. 


Amber B  57:50   

I have a question for you. And this was I asked my audience, what questions they had for you this morning on Instagram, and this was one that came up and I thought maybe it'd be something that you'd be able to speak too well, and  I think it kind of leads into like, okay, so if we're someone's doing that they now have this desire, they have this idea. They're getting started. They're helping people. You know, they're getting to a point where they're maybe thinking about making a sale or they've made some sales. Have you ever gotten to the point where you're like, Hmm, I kind of want to quit, like, I kind of want to just like be done. If yes, how did you deal with that? If no, if you haven't ever experienced that. Other people have experienced that, what advice or suggestion or coaching would you give to somebody who's in that headspace?


James Wedmore  58:31  

 Yes. Okay. So I'm a really big picture person, and that's really served me in my life. And so when you get to that place, I think I want to quit. I'm gonna challenge you to not make it a black and white all or nothing, conversation of quitting. Instead, you want to ask, what are the parts of this that I want to quit? 


Amber B  58:56    



James Wedmore  58:56  

what is the what is the part of this that I want to keep going with. Because I've tried to make my life. I don't want to use the word linear, but like moving in one direction as a vector as much as possible versus like bouncing around like a little bit this way, and then a little bit that way, and then a little bit this way and a little bit that way. It's like I'm going in one direction, and it's just picking up steam. So, obviously, I don't do the bartending stuff anymore. And there's many other things. So I might have quit that niche. I might have quit that audience. But I didn't quit the type of business. I didn't quit the same strategies or the same type of activities and things that I still focus on today. Because there were elements that I didn't like anymore. And there were other things that I enjoyed more. And so when you pull back enough and you just say, what is the essence of what I want? You're ironically, it's such a catch 22 question, you're gonna get a lot more clarity. When you ask a broader question, you're gonna get more clarity. So when you're like, like, I don't know if I want to do this on a quit and you say, well, what is the essence of what I want? And when you do that essence, you're just blurring it, you're blurring the image, you just get a general like, one megapixel type picture. You know, like, I love helping people, or I love working for myself. You know, that's the essence of it. I love teaching, is the essence. I don't know if I want to do it this way. And I don't know if I want to do it with these people. But I still love that in general. That becomes your Northstar. That becomes the guiding principle. That's why I said for 14 years, I haven't lost any enthusiasm or passion for marketing, sales, and teaching. Because that's always been the essence of what I love and it's changed over the years. Even Amber's seen it change the things I talked about today is different than two years ago. But I'm still talking to the same group of people. And I'm still helping them. You know, it's just in a different way. And it will always be, I'm always seeking for how I can grow more and help people in a deeper way. But it's the same theme. It's the same Northstar. So that's what I suggest. I don't want people to be like, alright, I give up and I'm gonna go in a completely different direction. I don't think we sometimes that happens, I'm not saying that's the right or wrong thing I'm saying before you go do that. What is the essence of what you do want? Well, and what are the parts you really are quitting? You know, does that make Does that make sense?


Amber B  1:01:47  

Yeah, no, I think it's really good. I do think that all or nothing mentality comes up quickly with that because it's like, I just wanna quit. I want to like not do any of it. But the truth is, there's probably parts that you like and parts that you don't like. How can we expand on those parts you like, and lean into that more and get rid of the some of the things that you don't like? 


James Wedmore  1:02:05  

And a lot of the things that you don't like aren't even true. So people say things like, here's an example. We've actually known this individual. And, and they'll say things like this, like, memberships are too much work. And they're too draining. So I quit the membership. And that's a real problem, because that's one of those generalized statements. And so people live their life according to these judgments that they create. There's a lot wrong with that, a lot. And I think what I can attribute a lot of my success to other than just making a lot of mistakes, is I just ask better questions and operate from a bigger place of possibility. So if that was my experience, that was my client, which is exactly what I did do to this person. And they said memberships are just too much darn work and they drain my energy. I would sit there and say, so how could you create a membership that wasn't too much work and didn't drain your energy. And by golly, this person did it. They actually shut down their membership. And I basically look them in the eye. I said, I think you've just made the costliest mistake in your entire business career. And I can't stand by and let you do this. We need to sit here and see how can we get your membership up and running in a way that doesn't drain your time and energy. And they did it. And now it's more profitable than ever before. 


James Wedmore 1:03:44

So a lot of these things that we're quitting are based on lies that we tell ourselves and it goes back to the law of duality. For every problem, there's already a solution. So if there's a membership or whatever that's too much or too stressful or too that, there's a better way. It exists, It's law it must be. So the question is, are you willing to ask the right questions to lead you there? Because I told you, it'd be in this episode that the solution is there. You just have to be willing to find it. And then I'll tell you, I'll tell you how to find it. And the answer is through your questions. When you begin to ask outcome oriented questions, you will find the answer. How could I? What would it look like to and the problem is, of course, why people won't do that as people. People have been trained and shamed out of it. Unfortunately, I don't know is a bad thing. We need to learn again. I don't know it's beautiful. Because when you live in the question, you live from the question. Life unfolds in infinite possibilities. When I asked if I were to ask amber right now. What else as possible in your life. All of a sudden in that question a million and 1 doors open, or they'd be present themselves. So many things, right? But if I made you answer just one, you have to close all those other doors and only go to that one. 


James Wedmore 1:05:21

So when we live in the question, we live from the question, we open up so many more possibilities. So I would really challenge people that when they want to quit, look at what belief is causing me to want to give up right now. And challenge your own thoughts. You know, don't believe everything you think. Most things are lies, all generalizations that we tell ourselves are a lie. There is all generalizations are a lie, which means there's always an exception, be the exception, create the exception. That's what entrepreneurs do. And this is what I'm talking about are things that most people don't do. Which is why most people aren't entrepreneurs, and even the people that are entrepreneurs are most more successful because they're not doing the things that most people end up doing. Right. So a lot of things I teach and share go contradictory. Contrary to common sense, it's counterintuitive. And say, yeah, it has to, because if it was common, everyone would be successful. So you have to be willing to think a different way, believe a different set of beliefs, and operate from a completely different paradigm. And that's what I love to do is just challenge how people think about, you know, business and marketing and stuff like that. 


Amber B  1:06:35  

So good.Oh, thank you, James. This has been so amazing. And I'm just thrilled to introduce you to my audience, be able to share some of the wisdom and things that I've gained over, you know, working with you for now, I think, two and a half years, and be able to share that with my audience. So thank you so much for coming on. Yeah. Um, last question is if there is one takeaway that you want to really either re-highlight that you talked about already, and just make sure you really drive it home or something that maybe you haven't even talked about, for the audience listening, what would that be?


James Wedmore  1:07:10  

I think to reiterate, is to combine impact with the power of asking outcome oriented questions. And if you just let that guide you every day, you'd be amazed at where you'd be in a year from now. How could I best serve somebody today? How could I best make a difference for my audience? How could I create something that's going to change somebody's life today? Who can I help? How can I help? What does that look like? These are outcome oriented questions that will guide your life in a completely new direction. Because those are not the questions most people are asking. Most people are asking what, what am I gonna do? What's wrong with it?


Amber B  1:07:51  

How can I  make the most money 


James Wedmore  1:07:52  

How can I make the most money or, or you know why? Why is there something wrong with me? Why am I not enough? Why do I feel this way? Why does why Am I having such a bad day? Why is nothing working? If you just stop asking why questions, because what is why give you anyways? It doesn't? If you really want to know why there is something wrong with me? There's still gonna be something wrong with you even when you know why it doesn't do anything. Right. So how can I? What would it look like? What do I need to do? What I need to focus on? Who can I help? How can I help them? These questions will put you into action, and it'll be inspired, divinely guided action, mind you. And if you just started to live your life that way, and you got into that habit, you'd be amazed at where you'd be 12 months from listening to this episode.


Amber B  1:08:44  

That's beautiful. That's awesome. All right. So how can people connect with you and find you?


James Wedmore  1:08:48  

Well, if you're listening to this podcast, I have to assume you love listening to podcasts. And you know, I don't know how different right this conversation is from the original episodes and I really wanted it to be applicable to every human, not just an entrepreneur, because I think it really does. I think a lot of the things that we talked about are very universal. We all deal with problems. We all need to be asking better questions, we all have, or have dealt with unworthiness issues. But I've talked about all of these things in a more on now like 360-370 episodes on my podcast called the Mind Your Business podcast is really what I call entrepreneurial or nourishment for the entrepreneurial soul.It's really everything like mindset. It's not just like, motivational like you got it, you can do this, but really how we can cultivate a healthier mindset. Let go a lot of the beliefs and stuff that's not serving us and live into more of our full potential. So that's my podcast. 


Amber B  1:09:43  

Awesome. Yeah, definitely go check out his podcast. That's how I found James and how I got connected with him and how he's become, you know, now a coach and a mentor to me and really been able to shape and guide and help with the worth of my business. So James, I'm just so grateful for you for taking the time out of your day to be able to share with my audience and really dive into some of the stuff that I truly believe is keeping a lot of us stuck in terms of not only entrepreneurship but in our fitness journey and just in our growth in life so thank you so much. 


James Wedmore  1:10:12  

Thank you Amber. I appreciate it.


Amber B  1:10:14  

 Wasn't that such an awesome episode now you can see why I admire and love working with James so much. He is able to speak about business and fitness in a way that is so different from so many other entrepreneurs. I'm telling you I owe so much of my business growth to his coaching and his teaching. And if you are wanting to get started in the online space, or you are growing or scaling an online business, I cannot recommend enough that you make sure you put June 15th on your calendar so that you do not miss his Rise of the Digital CEO video series. It only happens once a year. It is the best darn free business training you will ever get and it's entertaining at the same time. This is not like dry boring stuff James makes it super super fun. So if you want to make sure that you do not miss out, go to and all the information there about the video series will be located there and you can make sure that you don't miss out on that. June 15th is when that video series will drop and I guarantee it, you will not regret spending the time watching those videos you will learn so much that you can start to directly apply to either starting growing or scaling your online business. 


Amber B  1:11:37 

That wraps up this episode of Biceps After Babies Radio. I'm Amber now go out and be strong because remember my friend you can do anything.



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