Amber has a very special guest on the podcast today, her mom, Chris Longhurst ! Her mom has played a huge roll in her fitness journey, as she was the one that helped Amber get started lifting weights at age 14. Chris shares her secret of how she balanced teaching her children about healthy eating without associating it with shame. She has raised 4 healthy girls, who are confident in themselves. Chris firmly believes that health is separate from weight.


  • What was Amber like as a kid? (6:30)
  • How did you come up with workouts for Amber when she was younger? (16:50)
  • How did you balance getting your kids to workout, yet not making them feel pressure to do it? (20:10)  
  • Why doesn’t Amber credit her dad? (23:25)
  • What has your relationship been with food over the years? (25:30)
  • Was teaching your kids about health and fitness a conscious effort? (36:20)
  • What advice do you have for all the mom’s out there who are in the thick of raising kids? (39:30)

Take away

Being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean being thin, being healthy is how you feel.


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