On today’s podcast, Amber speaks with Elisabeth Mortensen, personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, military wife, and mom of 3. Having never worked out prior to giving birth and then struggling with postpartum weight afterwards, Elisabeth found herself becoming a slave to exercise and feeling like her worth came from the number on the scale and the miles she ran. Elisabeth shares her story of finding the “happy medium” with exercise and nutrition.

Even more compelling is her story of finding personal confidence. Elisabeth is passionate about helping other women find that confidence and the balance and happiness that comes with it. In this episode, Elisabeth shares 5 steps that anyone can implement to become more confident in who they are. Perhaps you too have struggled to find where true confidence comes from; you are not alone. Stay tuned to hear the insights and “life hack” lessons of Elisabeth Mortensen.


  • Adapting is always an option
  • What worked for someone may not work for you, as everyone’s lifestyle is different
  • When you let your value shine you go places.
  • How Elisabeth felt when she gained 60 pounds
  • How to change working out from being a punishment to a privilege
  • Having confidence in one area of your life allows it to spill over to other areas
  • Guilt comes when your choices don’t aline with your values
  • Keeping promises to yourself builds confidence
  • Be an individual – not to a copy of someone else.
  • Learn to make changes for work you, not against you.

Take away:
Fitness is a vehicle for making changes in your life as you develop personal integrity, set goals and achieve them, you develop confidence; and confidence can change the trajectory of your life.

The Amber mentions with the analogy of the elephant and the rope is from No Limits by John C. Maxwell.

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