5 women who changed their family tree


Have you ever wondered why I do what I do? What gets me out of bed in the morning? Here’s my main drive:  I believe SO strongly that when women feel empowered, when they step into their ability to make choices, when they step into their ability to create goals and to achieve those goals, that it changes not only them, but it changes their family. As Team Biceps After Babies, we have a 10 year goal to have 1,000 transformations. Today I am sharing with you five women who have transformed far more than their bodies–they have changed their family tree! And what you'll notice with each of them is that it started with a goal, and it morphed into something so much more. What I love is that people come to me for fitness and then they leave and it impacts their life in so many other ways. 


5 Women Who Transformed Their Lives

  1. Jennifer Smith (11:01)
  2. Melissa Porter (15:06)
  3. Katie Crokus (21:06)
  4. Heidi Bollard (25:30)
  5. Brittney Smart (27:47)


I'm hoping that after listening to these five women share their stories,  you are inspired and excited about your opportunity to be able to have your own breakthrough and be able to go after those goals that you have. There's nothing that I love more than women setting goals that are important to them and working until they complete them! That to me is the most exciting thing and I think this world is such a better place when we are all setting and achieving the goals that are on our hearts desire. Now go out and be strong, because remember my friend, you can do anything. 


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The Five-Minute Time In by Brittney Smart


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Episode 69: 5 Women Who changed Their Family Tree


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Hello and welcome to Biceps after Babies radio. A podcast for ladies who know that fitness is about so much more than pounds lost or PRs. It's about feeling confident in your skin and empowered in your life. I'm your host, Amber Brueseke, a registered nurse, personal trainer, online fitness coach, wife, and mom of four. My guests and I will excite and motivate you to take action in your own personal fitness as we talk about nutrition, exercise mindset, personal development, and executing life with conscious intention. If your goal is to look, feel, and be strong and experience transformation from the inside out, you, my friend are in the right place. Thank you for tuning in, now let’s jump into today’s episode.



Hey, Hey, welcome back to another episode of Biceps After Babies Radio. I'm your host, Amber Brueseke and we have an exciting announcement. We just opened registration to a brand new free class called “Losing the Weight You Want Without Cutting Out the Food You Love: Harnessing the Power of Macro Counting.” And macro counting was a game changer for me in being able to hit my goals and have the physique that I wanted and be able to get a six pack, you know, hit PRS in the gym and really just be able to change my body and the way that I wanted to be able to change it. And it's been a game changer for so many of my clients who have been able to lose 10 20, 40, 50, 70 pounds. Being able to apply the things that they've learned through counting their macros. And I know that it can be a game changer for you, especially as we kick into 2020. 


Macro Counting (01:35)

So to me, macro counting is like decoding your body rather than it being just like this thing that you don't really understand and you're like well I'm going to start this diet and just like kinda cross my fingers and hope that it works. Not a fan of the crossing the finger strategy. And so with macro counting, you become empowered to understand and work with your body and be able to customize it to your body. Because girlfriend, you are unique, you are an individual and you have your own specific goals, whether that is weight loss or weight maintenance or gain muscle or performance. And when you can harness the power of macro counting and understand how to match your nutrition to your goals, you become this unstoppable force because instead of just following some random diet rules that somebody decided randomly on, instead you're able to eat the right amount of all three of the major macronutrients which allows you to maximize your fat loss, which is exactly what everybody wants, right? So macro counting is hands down the most enjoyable and sustainable, which is so important to me, way to lose weight and I am so excited about this brand new free class that I get to share with you next week. 


Brand New Class (02:40)

So I'll be doing two live classes, one in the morning and one is in the evening. So you can pick the time that works best for you. So head to bicepsafterbabies.com/class and when you register and sign up you will get an email notification and then make sure that you do everything to be able to get to class on time because we do have a limited number of spots in class and I want you to be able to be there. There's something special about being there, live with a group of people, the energy. Anyway, teaching is my jam. I love teaching so I'm really, really excited about this class and I'll actually be sharing a story of mine that I'm pretty sure I haven't shared yet about several, several years ago. If you come to class you'll, you'll hear the story, but this is a story that I haven't shared and I'll be sharing it for the first time on this new free class. So go to bicepsafterbabies.com/class to snag your spot. Now today, I'm really excited about this episode because we got together as a team, as Team Biceps After Babies, and we have been talking about what the vision is. Like where do we want to go in the next year, the next three years, the next five years, the next 10 years. And it's been really exciting to sit down as a team and be able to create this vision and, and create what this idea of what we want to bring to you, what we want for our clients, what we want in terms of a business. And we really solidified on this one big goal for the next 10 years. And it's something that is really exciting to me and gets me excited to like get out of the bed each morning and really make a difference in people's lives. 


BAB Goal (04:16)

And so I'm going to share that goal with you, our 10 year vision for Biceps After Babies. And then we're gonna dive into how we are starting to fulfill that goal and share some of the clients that have been able to see crazy transformations, not only physically but in other areas of their life. So as we sat down, we reiterated this idea that I really, when I created Biceps After Babies, when I sit down and podcast, when I write on Instagram, like whenever I'm doing things, it is always with this intention to be able to empower women to tap into their innate ability to achieve. And so we bring that up in all of our team meetings. It's, it's always there in the back of my mind of like, that's why we're doing what we're doing. And it is because I believe so strongly that when women feel empowered, when they step into their ability to make choices, when they step into their ability to create goals and to achieve those goals, that it changes not only them, but it changes their family. 

And as a mom of, you know, four myself, like there is so much power to me in what a mom can do to change her family tree. Um, regardless of what experience you grew up with, your mother or your parents or your friends and like seeing, you know, their example, you may have not had the best example when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. But you can be the shift and the change in that family tree. And so I know that if I can impact and change a woman specifically who has a husband and, and grandkids and like other people that she is impacting that if I can change her, it's, it creates this ripple effect. And, the second part of that, so we, we really focus on helping women to tap into their innate ability to achieve. So the second part of that is the fact that I believe that it is innate in you. I believe that you have the ability to achieve that you have desires and goals and ambitions and dreams inside of you and it's there and you have everything that you need to be able to reach those dreams. And sometimes we just have, we struggle to access it. And so my goal is that you leave here, the podcast, you leave any of my classes, you leave any of my coaching sessions, you leave my Instagram feed feeling a little bit more empowered. Like you can take on the day, you can take on your goals, you can reach for whatever you want. Anyway, that was really long. But you can see as I start to talk about it, I get really passionate because this is why I do what I do. This is why I can get up every morning and put in the work and talk to clients and coach and do Instagram posts and record podcasts. 


1,000 Transformations (07:01)

And it's because I know that as I do these things, it's pushing that mission forward and it is changing lives. And that to me is like the most incredible thing that I get to do. So anyway, coming back to this 10 year vision, so the goal that we have set for the next 10 years is to have 1,000 transformations. Now when we say transformations, I really want to get clear and that's client transformations. I really want to get clear on what we're talking about when we say transformations, I am all about women being able to lose weight, be able to change their body, like have that physical transformation, um, that mental transformation that comes from that process. And that's awesome. And that is a transformation that I work for with my clients. But the thing that I love more than anything else is that when people come to work with me, they are able to see those results. They able to see that transformation. And then what is really exciting is when that transformation bleeds out into other areas of their life. And so yes, they come to me and they're like, Amber, I have a weight loss goal and I want to be able to hit this and I, and I want to be able to like look this way. And then we teach them how to do it. We coach them and they're able to do that. And then they're like, gosh, like I can do hard things. I can get us to go start a business. Right? So it's this idea that like as they achieve and as they like reach for their goals and really get, feel empowered, that it then bleeds into other areas of their lives. So we want a thousand women who have had that experience where they've come and they've worked with us. They've, um, you know, gotten coached, they've interacted with the brand Biceps After Babies and they've come away with it, with this empowerment that bleeds into other areas of their life. And so to kind of kick off, you know, first of all, sharing this big huge Ten Year goal that we want to have. Um, I wanted to share of the women that we've already have had that experience. And so I have five women that were awesome enough to send me audio notes of just a little bit of their experience. And what you'll notice with each of them is that it started with a goal. It started with a fitness goal, with a goal of what they wanted their body to look like or feel like. And it morphed into something so much more. And so you'll hear this pattern repeated in these stories and this is what I love, is that people come to me for fitness and then they leave and it impacts their life in so many other ways. 


Share Your Story (09:31)

And so I want to share with you five stories that we have already. And these are, you know, five of our thousand that we're trying to get to in the next 10 years. And I would really encourage you that if you feel like you have your own story, that if you feel like you've listened to the podcast and it's like created this transformation or created you to, you know, encourage you to do something that you never thought that you could do or you've been coached by me or you've joined MACROS 101 and you have a transformation. Um, and it doesn't have to be big. You'll hear the, you know, you'll hear in the stories that the women share that it doesn't necessarily have to mean that you like go and run for president. Um, but just that it has changed the trajectory of your life. If you have a story like that, will you please, please, please reach out and share it with me. You can DM me on Instagram or message me on Facebook or send an email to our support inbox, which is support@bicepsafterbabies.com but we would love to hear these stories. Our plan, and we don't have it up and running yet, but our plan for these is to like create some silver wall or like a website or something where we can just like post these stories, um, and work towards that goal of really changing the life trajectory of a thousand woman. Like how amazing, how amazing will that be? So we're really excited about that goal and sharing it with you is like the first step in the, in the journey of reaching for it. And I'm excited to be able to share the stories of five different women on this podcast episode. 


Jennifer Smith (11:01)

So first up is Jennifer Smith and Jennifer is just an awesome example of what I was talking about, about how she set and achieved her weight loss goals and that then bled out into other areas of her life. And I'm going to let her share the story of exactly what she was able to accomplish. But it was something that was such a big step for her in her life to be able to feel like she was able to do whatever it is that she wanted to be able to do. Um, so I'm excited for you to hear this story from Jennifer Smith. 


Jenny Smith Testimonial (11:32)

Hi, my name is Jenny Smith. I successfully lost 20 pounds on Amber's program and have maintained that loss for over a year. I'm thrilled with my weight loss, but the program has enriched my life in many more profound ways. I have discovered the methods I used to lose weight, mainly breaking things into tiny steps and working on my mindset makes even lofty goals achievable. 18 years ago, I graduated college with a degree in education. I was seven months pregnant when I walked across that stage to get my diploma. While my peers were interviewing with school districts for teaching positions, or applying to graduate school, I was at the parent a tologist office three days a week being monitored at my 20 week ultrasound. It was discovered my baby had a congenital birth defect. My husband and I were told our baby would be premature, requires surgery upon delivery and would have to stay in the NICU for at least six weeks, maybe even six months. It was devastating and scary. Our future seemed murky. So when I applied for a teaching certificate and discovered I could only get a provisional one because I lacked a state constitution class, I didn't care. 

I can get that later. I thought briefly, our son was born and did remarkably well, so well that I use that provisional teaching certificate to do a longterm substitute job for the majority of the following school year. But I haven't worked since. I chose to become a stay at home mom and for the most part I relished it. But not having a proper teaching certificate started to nag at me. I'm typically the type of person who finishes what she starts. So as the years added up and I didn't have a teaching certificate, I grew embarrassed and even ashamed about the situation. Obtaining a certificate now seemed daunting and unachievable, like weight loss once seemed to be. So after I had successfully lost weight, I knew I could get a teaching certificate too. I applied all of the methods that I use to lose weight in MACROS 101 towards my journey to get my teaching certificate. 

I broke everything down into teeny tiny steps and I cheered for myself as I checked them off. When I would become overwhelmed at the process, I would repeat inspirational quotes to myself. I looked for ways to include others in my journey. When I went to the local college to enroll in the class, I took my teenage daughter with me and it turned out to be such a great experience for the both of us. The class itself was fascinating. I learned a lot and I was reminded of how much I really love school. Soon I will have that proper certificate. I'm still waiting for all of the paperwork to come through and then I will be able to teach full time, part time, or even sub a few days a week. If I so choose, I didn't get the certificate so I could have a job. I did it solely for myself. Whatever I decide to do, I accomplished my goal and it feels awesome. I'm going to close with the quote I used most often through this process of obtaining the certificate and through the process of losing weight. And now I use it in my process of achieving new goals. It's from Brene Brown, “I believe in my ability to do this.” Thank you. 


Melissa Porter (15:06)

Next up we're going to hear from Melissa Porter and Melissa has been a rock star in the MACROS 101 community. Uh, she came on the podcast episode number 35 and she talked about her weight loss journey up until that point. And I think she had lost like 29 pounds. And you'll hear when she talks, she's now lost 50 pounds and has dropped a bunch of dress sizes. And even more so than that, now she's maintaining her loss and she's transitioned to the point where she's lifting weights and has gotten back into the gym. And, and you'll hear too, when she talks about the emotional change that she's seen in herself, and that's one of the things that gets me the most excited. So let's dive into Melissa Porter sharing her story. 


Melissa Porter Testimonial (15:50)

Hi, my name is Melissa and I joined MACROS 101 at the beginning of April, 2019 and before starting the program, um, I was in a really dark place in my life. I have three kids and at the time my youngest was about eight months old and we, I was exclusively nursing him and just kind of in robot mode of going through my day to day life, um, not really able to see the joy and the happiness. And I wore sweatpants, my husband's 2XL shirts and never got ready. I couldn't even tell you the last time I had put makeup on before I had started the program or even done my hair. Um, so I was just in a really, really dark place and I knew that I needed some changes in my life, so I jumped in to MACROS 101 and knew that I needed to give it my all. So I just went in with no hesitation and I needed to just trust the program. So it's been about 10 months now and I to date have lost about 50 pounds and I've dropped from a size 14 to a size eight. Um, I originally did a 20 week cut and you know, lost that 50 pounds. And since then I've been able to reverse back to maintenance and I've been at maintenance for a couple months now and been able to maintain the, the weight loss that I had in my cut and now my goals have kind of shifted into, gaining muscle. And so my original goal that I had when I started MACROS 101 has kind of evolved and changed throughout the time that I've gone through the program. And I am happy to say I'm at a point now that I don't necessarily feel like I need to drop a ton more weight or more pants sizes. 

Um, I really, I'm just happy with my body and the changes that it's making and being able to eat at maintenance and do my workouts and have so much energy. Um, so the physical side of it is amazing, but the mental shifts that I've been able to make, um, as far as coming out of that dark place that I was in, I so hard to talk about your mental shift without getting choked up about it because I went from a point of not being able to recognize myself in the mirror, to now looking in the mirror and being so amazed with who I am and so proud of how far I've come. And I attribute all of that to the coaching with Amber because she just, this, it truly is her superpower. She knows exactly what to ask you as far as questions to help you get the answers that you need and you realize that those answers have always been inside of you. 

So she doesn't tell you what your next step is or she doesn't tell you what you're thinking or what you should be doing. Um, she specifically has a way of asking questions to make you think, and you figure it out on your own. And eventually you'll start to hear Amber in your head and you'll be able to ask the questions that she would ask you. And then it gets to a point that those questions become your own thoughts and it's you that's helping you through whatever question you have or whatever hurdle you have. So honestly, my life has been forever changed and if anybody is in a similar place to where I was at, you will definitely not regret this program because it is way more than a macros program. Way more. And the mental shift that you get with this program is, it's so worth it. It's so worth it. 


Katie Crokus (21:06)

Okay. So next one up is Katie Crokus and I love Katie and I loved her even more when I listened to her audio and she used, she referenced N equals one. Uh, that was my favorite. Um, if for those of you don't know in like a research study, the N is the number of people in the study. And so when you use the phrase N equals one, you're basically just talking about like your own self as like a research study. Um, or one single person as, you know, give me an example of what happened to them. So anyway, I, I loved Katie even more when she talks about that and I have loved to be able to see Katie has taken what I taught and the experience that she went through and she has just like gone full bore into it and started an Instagram account and I love, love her and her message and um, she's definitely one that I would go follow and I'm excited what has come for her in her life after doing my, you know, macro counting with me. So let's dive into Katie Crokus. 


Katie Crokus Testimonial (22:06)

My name is Katie Crokus and I started with Amber in July of 2016 and I had come from a place where I had always been defined by rules and extremes. I had done many Whole30s only to end them feeling deprived and overwhelmed and just like I had absolutely zero control. And so I knew I needed something different and I always thought that I was the kind of person who needed the rules that would say, no, you just can't have it at all. I need to abstain altogether. I can't have it in the house. Um, but clearly that hadn't been working. So, um, enter Amber and my experience with macros and she taught me everything I never knew. I always needed to live life to its fullest. The tools and the structure of counting macros gave me all of the freedom that I had been missing for years, for decades really. 

Um, at this point in my life, I had had three kids and I just wanted to feel okay in my own skin. I wanted to be able to go to the pool and feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit and chasing my kids and not be self conscious. And so in my time with her, I learned everything I needed to. I learned about My Fitness Pal. I learned about what each macro nutrient was and why they were important. But more importantly, I learned the tools that I could apply to my life as I needed them. So at the in the moment I didn't realize this, but in hindsight, several years later, I see that I have these tools that I can apply day to day, week to week, month to month, or not all. Maybe I'm in a season of life where really doesn't make sense to track my macros. 

Um, or maybe I'm in a season of life where I really would like to dial them in and focus on a body recomposition goal or an aesthetic physique goal or maybe I want to do something that's performance-based and that's going to be aided by tweaking my macros as well. And all of that began with Amber and everything that she taught me and her guidance and her patience and her level headedness throughout it all too because I was that person who really wanted all the answers. I needed the roadmap and needed you to tell me exactly what to do. And she gave me the information and then had me do it myself, which was really what made the whole thing work. And come together and cut to three years later today. Um, it's something that I'm pursuing in terms of helping others as well. And this is something that I'm excited to launch in 2020 myself to the degree that I can share the same type of information with other people that Amber has shared with me. And it really has gotten me excited to create recipes and to see what changing my macros can do to my body and to, and for me for my performance goals and just use myself as my very own N=1 experiment. And it's just really empowering and thrilling and exciting. And I'm so grateful to Amber for taking the time to teach me everything in the beginning and be so patient with me and I'm now that has really manifested itself in a really empowering lifestyle that I know that I have control over. And I think that's the best part. 


Heidi Bollard (25:30)

Next up is Heidi Bollard. Heidi, I worked with Heidi a long, long time ago, but I asked her to record this because she's another one who has like just taken what I taught and it has just, it literally has changed the trajectory of her life and now she works with Natalie and they have Butter Your Macros and they do an amazing job. Definitely ones to go follow on Instagram and Heidi and Natalie are some of my best friends and I get to go see them at CrossFit and I just love what they have created and to think that, you know, working with me, it was just like the very, very first start of that, of that era or path of her life is, is really exciting. So I'm going to share the story of Heidi Bollard. 


Heidi Bollard Testimonial (26:14)

When I first hired Amber as a coach years ago, the macro community was much smaller than it is now. She was definitely one of the pioneers that brought the macros for moms movement to the forefront. I worked with her before she even had a website, so it's been awhile. Amber is an excellent and responsible coach. There are lots of coaches out there that give out one size, fits all numbers and don't care or invest in their clients. Amber gives great advice and perspective and thoroughly understands reverse dieting. I coached with Amber for several months and it really clicked for me. It definitely set the stage for a major shift in my life. I continued counting macros and saw my best results that next year. Working alongside my butter half Natalie, together Nat and I started a macros based Instagram called Butter Your Macros and became certified nutrition coaches ourselves and started our own coaching practice. It may not seem to make much of a difference who you choose as a macro coach, but I assure you it does. Failing diet after diet is demoralizing and macros can easily become one of those failures these days. A lot of the clients that come to us have tried macros at least once. So having a macro mentor that knows her stuff can make all the difference in you achieving the personal empowerment, confidence and body you want to have. 


Brittney Smart (27:47)

Second to last is Brittney Smart and Brittney shares a story about, um, some things that I think you like really will relate to, especially if in you're in the throws of motherhood. And I love how vulnerable she was in this, in sharing this story and how she talks about what was able to come out of it and, and what she's been able to accomplish and put out into the world after going through the process and going through coaching with me to be able to have this like, and you'll see, I'm kind of kind of trying to dance around it cause I want Brittney to be able to share what, what she did, but to have this, to be put out into the world and to be shared with everybody. So here's the story from Brittney Smart. 


Brittney Smart Testimonial (28:30)

Hi, my name is Brittney Smart and I would like to talk about how Biceps After Babies helped change me actually. Um, first of all, I, this is going to sound odd, so stay with me. There's a point about four years ago I, um, was going through a really hard time in being a mom. I am the mom of five young children and I had just had my fifth baby and found myself just really struggling. Um, finding the joy in being a mom. I found that I didn't really like my children. I loved them and they were, you know, physically safe with me and everything. But I, I was apathetic. I was kind of just a robot at the time. It was kind of a dark, dark place for me and just, you know, wanting to be anywhere. But here basically with my kids, it was also pretty lonely because that's not something that I could really share with anyone. 

I didn't feel like I could share that with even close friends because, um, uh, you know, it just, it, it felt so abnormal. It felt like I was the only one who, who would feel that way and just left me really feeling down. But anyway, at this time I also realized that this was not something that could go on, that I, I needed to do something to change this mindset that I had as a mom. And so I decided to commit to myself to spend five minutes of targeted individual time with each of my children at bedtime. And I call that a five minute time in. And I committed to do that for four weeks. And just to see if by getting to know my children better, spending more time, you know, even just a little bit with them that that would help me. I don't know, like, like them more, if that makes sense. 

So I did that and um, I was consistent. I did that every night for four weeks with each of my children and there, I cannot tell you there was such a complete transformation in my life, in my outlook, in my attitude, in my love and joy. Um, you know, things didn't really change all that much externally. My children were still my kids. They would still have hard days. I would still have hard days. But just that consistent intentional chunk of time that I spent with them, it changed everything. Anyway, I wrote a book about that. I journaled each of my conversations with my children. I journaled thoughts, I journaled changes that I noticed in my myself, in our household, in my husband even. And I wrote that into a book format. Um, and then the book sat there. I, I felt too exposed and too vulnerable to put that out into the world. 

Um, which is OK. I, it was, uh, you know, it's hard to admit like I was a really crappy mom for, for a while, for longer than I should have been. Anyway. Okay. So that's the opening of that was four or five years ago. So the thing that's ironic to me now is that those lessons that I learned in implementing a five minute time in with my children, you know, about small dose intentionality and how being focused with even just the smallest, making the smallest changes can have a huge impact in life on a broader scheme. Those lessons that I learned, I didn't transfer anywhere like specifically to my nutrition. So fast forward a few years, I, um, stumble upon Amber and biceps after babies. And at the time I was preparing to, um, run another marathon and I have run several ultras and marathons in the past. 

I enjoy long distance running and I thought, well, I've never really, um, changed my, my intake, my food, my fueling and I'm curious how, if and how that would affect my performance. So that's kind of why I started Biceps After Babies. I got Amber's program and started in on that and Oh geez, right away I, there was so much that I learned. So, so, so much. Um, but specifically one of the takeaways from Biceps After Babies and from Amber's coaching is that, um, being intentional with choices really it's, it's bigger than just that single choice. Uh, the effects are so far reaching that it's hard to, sometimes it's hard to, hard to correlate how small those choices are or with, you know, the smallness of the choice with the result overall over time being consistent, um, and, and the magnified change. So Amber helped me to recognize, first of all, um, that I kind of had an all or nothing mentality. 


Brittney Smith – Power in Choices (34:24)

And I think that's not too uncommon where I think, well, you know, I've already blown the day with eating. I may as well just eat more crap and then start again tomorrow, you know, that kind of thing. Um, so I, I was able to recognize that the harmfulness of that mentality and then go about taking steps to reverse it and recognizing I have power in my choices, like each small choice, um, makes a difference how I, how I respond to that choice. And so I was consistent with macros and experienced a huge, uh, physical change. But more importantly for me, a mental and emotional change. I learned a lot from many lessons which I used to call failures. Um, and I gained confidence in recognizing that my mistakes are not what defines me. Um, I had previously just called myself a failure for a variety of reasons. 

That's just who I thought I was just kind of a failure. This area in the, in the area of nutrition. And that wasn't the case at all actually. And so I learned that I, the program helped me recognize that. And so what's important when I experienced those lessons, those mistakes, um, is not the fact that I experienced them. It's what I do with that information moving forward. Um, so because of Biceps After Babies in the, somewhere along the process, I think it was several months in, um, slowly my outlook changed. It transformed into accepting the fact that yes, I've, I make mistakes, I will continue to make them. Um, I do think of them as lessons now where I can become wiser and I can learn to recognize the, um, the consequence or the result that I want and that those two actually correlate the choices and the results, the choices and the results. 


Brittney Smith – Publishing Her Book (36:54)

So, um, coming back to bringing it full circle. So I've learned those lessons. I am able to recognize when I'm going into an all or nothing mentality and kind of nip that in the bud and, um, you know, take things, bring them down into sizable chunks and giving myself grace and, and gaining that confidence that my mistakes and my quote unquote failures are not what defined define me. Um, I realized, you know, this past experience that I had as a mom where I really was in a dark place. Um, that's not what defines me. It is how I was able to come out of that. And in talking with other moms, other people in my circle, in my, um, in my life, if it wasn't such a unique experience, actually I realized that others had experienced similar things too. And maybe they could benefit from what I had experienced, the lessons that I had learned. 

Uh, from that. And so, long story short, I was able to gain the confidence to publish my book, which feels very vulnerable. It exposed a lot of who I was and my thoughts and my actions that I am definitely not proud of. Um, it also exposes the light and the, and the transformation that I was able to experience from small dosed intentionality from taking five minutes each day and putting a name on those, giving those five minutes of purpose and going about actively changing my circumstances and my outlook. And I attribute so much of that, uh, confidence and, and self assurance in a, in a quiet sort of way to the internal transformation from Biceps After Babies from Amber's guidance in recognizing, you know, the things that matter and the things that we can learn from the things that we can let go. And I just, I'm so appreciative of that by the way. 

I don't know if anyone cares, but the book's called the five minute time in and um, it's something that I am, that I am proud of because it recognizes more than just my experience. It, I guess it represents more than just what the content of the book itself, but the fact of being able to overcome some pretty deep feelings of insecurity and to help others around me. And, and just as a side note, feedback on the book has been so overwhelmingly and humbling, really positive. Um, I've had people discuss the book at book clubs and tell me that was the best discussion because of your book that we have ever had. I've had people text me in the middle of the night saying, I can't, I haven't been able to put your book down. I read it cover to cover and I'm starting this right now because this is exactly what I need. And it's, it's things like that that I realized, you know, mistakes and lessons when we are able to overcome them ourselves, that's awesome. But when we're able to help other people maybe, you know, start, start finding their way to a solution, it's, it's so rewarding and it's so humbling and I just really appreciate Amber for her lessons in doing. 


Worth It! (41:02)

I am so excited that you let me share those five stories with you. Every time I hear a story like that, it reaffirms that what I'm doing is worth it. And the time that I put in and the energy and the effort and the thoughts and the tears and the prayers and the, everything that I put into this is worth it. Because when it can change somebody's life and it changes what they do and what they believe in and in themselves and what they can accomplish, it changes. You know, you first change a woman, you then change your family who then changes community who then changes the nation who then changes the world. Like I truly believe in that trickle down effect and when we start with just the individual and just focus on that individual on what we can do to empower them, then it, trickles out and like the world becomes such a better place. 

So I'm hoping that you are inspired or excited about your opportunity to be able to have your own, you know, breakthrough and your own trajectory shifting moment and be able to like go after those goals that you have. I, there's nothing that I love more than women setting goals that are important to them and working until they complete them. That to me is the most exciting thing and I think this world is such a better place when we are all setting and achieving the goals that are on our heart, our hearts desire. Last quick reminder to go over to bicepsafterbabies.com/class and sign up for the brand new free class that I'll be doing next Tuesday and Wednesday. Um, make sure you go snag your spot and set a reminder on your calendar to come and attend that free class. And you can learn all about macro counting and how it can be such a game changer in yes your life in fitness. But then how it also like the women that we just heard from, it can bleed out into all these other areas of your life. That is what I want more for you than anything else. That URL, one more time is bicepsafterbabies.com/class. That wraps up this episode of Biceps After Babies Radio. I'm Amber. Now go out and be strong, because remember my friend, you can do anything. 



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