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063: Postpartum Fitness with Becky Burgess

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5 Simple Tips To Prevent Halloween Weight Gain

Welcome to post #1 of the Healthy Holiday Series. Today we start with Halloween and 5 simple tips to prevent Halloween Weight Gain. I am going to be honest and say I don't love Halloween. I know, momma scrooge over here. I mean, as a mom Halloween is kinda a pain because I have to…
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Good, Better, Best

You don't have to be perfect to make progress. I think you consciously understand this – I mean we all know #progressnotperfection. But even so, many many people end up falling into the “all or nothing” mentality where if they can't be perfect, why even try? Can't track the restaurant meal? Might as well order…
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What To Do When You Mess Up

Consider this analogy: This morning you slept through your alarm, hit traffic on the way to work, and end up 30 minutes late to work. What do you do? Do you beat yourself up for being so weak and decide that since you already missed 30 minutes of work you might as well just go…
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Barbell Logic Podcast

Hey hey! I am super pumped to share this with you, because I often get question about my powerlifting training and I want to share allllllll the details. One year ago, my husband and I decided to hire Niki Sims through Starting Strength Online Coaching (SSOC) to coach us with our powerlifting training. We were looking for help with…
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Minimum Effective Dose

I’m a nurse and my husband is a doctor, so medical jargon is a regular occurrence around our home. So when I heard the phrase “minimum effective dose” I totally got it. In medicine this means the smallest amount of drug that produces a therapeutic response. The same principle can be applied in fitness –…
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Don’t Make This Mistake When Hiring An Online Coach

I get it. You’ve reached that point. That point where you decide that your fitness journey would be easier with a guide. The point where investing in a coach will help to hold you accountable and allow you to maximize your results in the shortest amount of time. Trouble is, there are a million and…
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Macros 101

Macros 101 Two years ago if you had asked me what “macros” were I would have stared at you with a blank face and my mind would have started to drift to thinking about macaroni and cheese. In the last several year “macros” have become quite the buzz word and it may feel like everyone…
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6 Podcasts I Can't Live Without

My name is Amber and I am a podcast junkie. It's true. Me + my trusty AirPods + a good podcast =  happiness. I like a lot of different programs but I have compiled my all-time favorites in case you are looking for something new to play in your earbuds during your next workout (is…
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MFP Tips And Tricks

If you are new around here, you might not know much about macros – and that's ok! My goal is to break seemingly complex ideas and lingo down into something anyone can understand. First up – my good friend MyFitnessPal (MFP). This is a free app and if you haven't downloaded it, head to the app store…
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