I get it. You’ve reached that point. That point where you decide that your fitness journey would be easier with a guide. The point where investing in a coach will help to hold you accountable and allow you to maximize your results in the shortest amount of time.

Trouble is, there are a million and one “online fitness coaches” – how is a girl to pick who to hire?

As a coach myself with several years’ experience I have some strong opinions about how to make the best decision, but there is one way you absolutely shouldn’t pick your coach.

You shouldn’t pick a coach solely based on them having the body or physique you want.

That right. That Instagram fitspo whose photos you always double tap because her abs are perfect and she has just the right amount of muscle? Don’t hire her just based on her body for two important reasons:

  1. You will never look like anyone else. Genetics, length of training, genetics, metabolic differences and, oh yeah, genetics means that you will never look exactly like anyone else. You are you! And even if you train exactly like someone else you aren’t them and your body is going to respond uniquely.
  2. How a coach looks has very little bearing on her ability to COACH.I’m all for coaches being able to apply what they are teaching in their own lives, but even more important is her ability to teach, inspire, motivate, and guide – and none of those attributes have to do with her physique.

When choosing a coach, think about the whole picture. Some other important attributes to consider are:

Is this coach smart and well-read both in current health and fitness science but also in psychology and human behaviors?

Does this coach want to just tell me what to do or does she want to teach me?

Can this coach motivate me in a way that I will respond positively to?

Does this coach exhibit personal integrity?

What type of accessibility will have to this coach and how responsive will she be to my questions through the process?

What is her coaching philosophy? What is she promising?

Coaching can be so valuable. Take your time. Find someone who doesn’t just look good, but can actually help you get the results you want.

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