You don't have to be perfect to make progress.

I think you consciously understand this – I mean we all know #progressnotperfection.

But even so, many many people end up falling into the “all or nothing” mentality where if they can't be perfect, why even try?

Can't track the restaurant meal? Might as well order whatever.

Can't get to the gym for your hour workout? Might as well just skip it today.

Hungry and out of macros for the day? Might as well eat the whole house.

Here's something I want you to internalize: to make progress all you need to do is make a better choice that you would have before.

✅ If you normally eat a whole sleeve of Oreos when you are stressed, eating only 5 is better.

✅ If you normally get 5 hours of sleep, getting 6 is better.

✅ If you normally eat on the go, then eating a meal slowly and mindfully is progress.

The point is, perfection is not required to make progress. And the more you can really internalize that, the more successful you are going to be.

I have my clients use the “good, better, best” module. If you can't make the “best” decision, default to making a “good” or “better” choice rather than throwing your hands in the air and giving up.

So take advantage of all the progress you could be making by focusing on the “goods” and “betters” in your life rather than beating yourself up for not always hitting “best”.

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