A reverse diet is the most important part of your weight loss journey, yet it is often overlooked. Many believe their fat loss journey is finished when they hit their goal weight, but it is crucial to finish with a reverse diet.  A reverse diet is what sets you up for long term success. Listen to this episode to avoid making the most common reverse dieting mistakes.


  • A reverse diet is taking advantage of metabolic adaptation
  • A reverse diet can be mentally challenging (our brains have been trained to think that if we eat more, we will gain weight)
  • Most of your life should be spent at maintenance.
  • It is important to set goals that are outside of the way your body looks.
  • Focus on what your body CAN do .
  • A lot of freedom comes from eating at maintenance.

Most common reverse diet mistakes:

  1. Not doing a reverse diet after a cut.
  2. Only paying attention to the scale, rather than the whole picture.
  3. Not staying at maintenance for long enough.
  4. Not moving on to another goal.

Take away:

In order to have long term success, reverse diet should be the ending piece to every weight loss journey.

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