Maria Kang, a famous mom in the fitness industry, comes on the podcast today to share her secrets for finding more time in a day.  Maria has been in the fitness industry for years and is a huge advocate for moms prioritizing their health and connecting with other like minded women. Listening to this episode will give you insight into how to make time to “do it all”. 


  • You are who you hang out with. 
  • Find like minded people to hang out with, because they normalize healthy behaviors. 
  • Taking care of yourself means taking care of your kids. 
  • You will find a way to make it happen if it means something to you. 
  • Make new goals every 12 weeks do avoid complacency.

3 tips for creating more time in your day: 

  1. Figure out where you're spending your time. 
  2. Figure out your flow times.
  3. Being able to focus – the one thing that will make anybody successful is the ability to focus. 

Take away: You make time for the things that are important to you. If it’s important you find the time, if not you find an excuse. 

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