If you are somebody who struggles with stress, this episode is for you. Stress can seep into every area of your life and it isn’t something that is going away anytime, so it’s important to learn how to manage it. Susan Choi, a Stress Management Coach, comes on the podcast today to discuss stress. She teaches how to identify stress, how to de-stress, how to manage stress, and even spills a secret on how to avoid stress.  This episode is life changing as it can change the way you view the stress in your life. 



  • You can avoid stress by separating facts and stories.
  • You do not have to be stressed to be productive.
  • Stress starts in the brain.

Physical manifestations of stress:  

  1. Monitor your sleep.
    1. Do you have a really hard time falling asleep?
    2. Are you wide awake in the middle of the night?
    3. Wake up early and feel wired?
  2. Check in with your emotions/personality
    1. Are you cranky?
    2. Are you short with others?
    3. Is it really hard to be positive?
  3. Nutrition
    1. Are you needing salty or sweet foods to get your energy up?
    2. Do you need high carbs to calm yourself down?

Ways to destress :

  1. Avoid venting to others.  It makes you the victim.
  2. Journal your thoughts. Be the observer of what is happening.
  3. Don’t “over” anything.  Over eat, over drink, over consume.
  4. Plug stuff into your calendar instead of make a to do list.

Take Away:

Stress isn’t necessarily a good or a bad thing. It’s how much you have of it, the accumulation of it, how you are dealing with it, how you are recovering from it that is much more important.


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Susan Choi

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