Race in the Fitness Industry with Chrissy King, an interview featured by top fitness podcast and Macro Coaching Program, Biceps After Babies.

Chrissy King comes on the podcast today to talk about something that can be an uncomfortable subject: race in the fitness industry.

Chrissy addresses the lack of diversity in the mainstream fitness industry. She advocates that fitness should not only be for thin, white women, but should something that is accessible to all and supportive of all types of bodies.  After listen to this eye-opening interview you will have a desire to develop genuine relationships with people who are different than you.

Highlights of Chrissy King ‘s Interview:

  • Start where you are, reaching big goals takes time. Don’t be discouraged by people doing incredible feats.  
  • How you looks isn’t the most important thing; loving and accepting yourself at all the different stages and phases is.
  • Our society is selling people on the false idea of what beauty is.
  • People are forever chasing this “white, thin, toned, flat stomach” look.
  • Fitness isn’t about how you look, it's about feeling good and nourished and energized.
  • If everyone in your circle is just like you, it’s time to expand your circle and get your of your comfort zone.
  • Start by changing yourself and your own biases.
  • Privileged means you have a societal advantage. It is not a good thing or a bad thing.It's what you chose to do with your privilege that makes a difference. 
  • White privilege means there are privileges that comes with being white. 

Take Away from Chrissy King's Interview:

Intentionally develop genuine relationships with people who are different than you. Get out of your comfort zone by widening your circle of friends. 


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Amber’s Book Recommendations:

This book was revolutionary in the way that I saw and understood white privilege.

This is a fiction book and is a great introduction to white privilege if you want to start small without reading non-fiction.

An essential and eye-opening book on the criminal justice system.


Chrissy King ’s Book Recommendations:

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